Maintenance Packages

Annual System Inspections

45 POINT INSPECTION – Travel Trailer $200.00 – Fifth Wheel $250.00 – Motor Home $300.00

    Comprehensive & detailed safety inspection of the following areas:

  • Check electrical system
  • Check generator system
  • Check plumbing system
  • Check LP (Gas) system
  • Check all appliance systems
  • Exterior/Interior inspection


  • 12 volt system
  • All exterior/interior lights
  • Check 110-Volt outlets
  • Converter operation and output
  • Shore cord and circuit breakers
  • Generator operation and output


    Recommended annually to help prevent water system failures:

  • Check Water pump operation
  • Check all faucets
  • Check holding tanks (where accessible)
  • Check fresh water fill
  • Perform waterline pressure test
  • Check dump valves, black & gray
  • Check toilet operation


    RV manufacture recommends these inspections to be performed annually:

  • Refrigerator inspection
  • Water Heater inspection
  • Air Conditioner inspection
  • Furnace inspection
  • Range/Oven inspection


    Recommended annually to help ensure safety during operations:

  • Inspect regulators and LP (Gas) tanks.
  • Check all LP (Gas) detectors
  • Conduct drop pressure test
  • Complete a line pressure test
  • Visual inspection of lines & appliance connections


  • Check holding tanks and support straps
  • Visual inspection of 5th wheel or trailer frame for stress cracks or damage (where accessible)
  • Check bolts and king pin box for cracks or damage
  • Inspect operation of break-a-way system
  • Inspect and test operation of 7 way plug
  • Inspect stop, tail and turn light operations
  • Inspect clearance light operations

Appliance Services


    Recommended annually to maximize the operating efficiency of the cooling system:

  • Examine shroud for cracks and/or damage
  • Check compressor voltage
  • Check compressor amperage
  • Remove & clean A/C filters
  • Clean & unclog A/C roof drains
  • Check air temperature drop across the evaporator coil
  • Torque A/C assembly gasket

REFRIGERATOR SERVICE – $75.00 – $100.00

    Annual recommendation of maintenance to maximize efficiency or operations and longevity of life:

  • Verify refrigerator operation in all modes and overall condition
  • Clean and adjust burner, flue & orifice, check baffle
  • Inspect roof vent and cover, checking for proper ventilation
  • Inspect LPG supply line and leak test
  • Remove nests, bugs, webs and seal areas as needed
  • Check refrigerator for recalls and updates

FURNACE SERVICE – $150.00 – $200.00

    Recommended annually for operating safety & fuel efficiency:

  • Verify furnace operations and perform temperature test
  • Clean pilot, burner, orifice, electrode & heat chamber
  • Check motor & blower wheels for play and debris
  • Inspect LPG supply and perform leak test
  • Check thermostat condition, cycling unit off & on
  • Reassemble furnace using new gasket, if needed
    (Price Varies per Model)
  • Check combustion chamber/casing, removing any nests, bugs, webs & debris
  • Check furnace for any/all recalls & updates


    Recommended annually for operating safety & fuel efficiency:

  • Verify water heater operation in all modes & overall condition
  • Clean pilot, igniter and burner assembly
  • Check and adjust airflow & electrodes
  • Drain water tank and flush to remove sediments
  • Inspect anode rod and pop off valve conditions
  • Perform water temperature test to verify t-stat conditions
  • Remove nests, bugs, webs & debris, sealing areas as needed
  • Check water heater for any/all recalls & updates

Maintenance Services


***This service can only be performed in the shop***

  • Inspect all hardware and components
  • Clean and lube both inner & outer landing legs
  • Inspect welds and mounting boils for wear
    and/or damage (where accessible)
  • Inspect electrical and manual operations & controls
  • Perform operation test and lube rear scissor jacks

BODY LUBRICATION SERVICE – 24′ or less $100.00 – 25′-30′ $150.00 – 31′ or More $200.00

  • Lube all compartment door hinges, strikers & locks
  • Lube entry door hinges & steps
  • Lube all window run channels and window cranks
  • Lube all roof vent cranks & control arms
  • Lube scissor jacks & manual cranking jacks


  • Chlorinate / Sanitize and flush all fresh water lines throughout coach
    with two part cleaner that kills bacteria and eliminates odors
  • Clean water pump screen
  • Perform hot & cold water leak test throughout system
    where visible
  • Replace fresh water filters, per request (Additional)

SLIDE OUT WIPER SEAL SERVICE – Single $150.00 – Double $200.00 – Triple $250.00 – Quad $300.00

  • Inspect slide out seals for wear, tear or damage
  • Apply U.V. treatment conditioner to exterior
    slide out seals to extend the seal life, which will
    reduce wear, tear & repel rain
  • Inspect slide out seams, sealants, rollers & hardware
  • Lube slide rams, cables & motor (where accessible)
    *Additional charge for slideout-toppers

WHEEL BEARING PACK – Single $250.00 – Double $350.00 – Triple $450.00

    Service includes the following:

  • Inspect brake shoes, bearings, magnets & all hardware
  • Inspect, clean & repack wheel bearings
  • Adjust brake lining as needed
  • Verify the operations of electric brake magnets
  • Grease seals (prices may vary due to axle sizes)
  • Test operations of break-a-way switch & brake lights

BATTERY SERVICE – Cost per Battery $35.00

  • Clean battery terminals, connections & seal
  • Adjust water levels and load test batteries
  • Inspect battery trays, hold downs, boxes and straps for signs of
    damage or wear
  • Check for proper venting and ducting for coaches with
    vented boxes
    *If equipped with battery watering kit, additional charge applies


    • Basic diagnosis includes 1 hour

***NOTE: Diagnosis may require additional labor time***

  • Check all interior/exterior lights, monitor panel, shore cord and all
  • Test 110 volt system, GFI outlets, converter, inverter & generator
    operation output
  • Inspect circuit breakers, fuse box, 12 volt outlets &
    battery connections

GENERATOR SERVICE – Gas $100.00-$150.00 – Diesel $150.00-$200.00

***Price may vary due to parts needed or replacements***

  • Check and clean battery connections
  • Visual inspection of exhaust system
  • Verify CO detector operations and working properly
  • Check air & fuel filter (replace if necessary for additional charge)
  • Change oil & filter, perform load test.

SLIDE OUT & AWNING TOPPER ROOF SERVICE – Small $300.00 – Medium $350.00 – Large $400.00

  • Remove vinyl slide out awning topper, inspect for damage
  • Clean slide out roof surface and vinyl awning topper
  • Remove slide out sealant at flange joints, seams and reseal with
    lap sealant / bond top coat tape
  • Re-install and lube slide out awning topper and lube hardware
    where applicable


  • Basic $150.00
    • Drain fresh water tank & water heater
    • Blowout water lines with compressed air,
      including toilet, shower & sinks
    • Fill P-trap with anti-freeze
  • Complete $200.00
    • Includes Basic Winterization, Plus:
    • Pump anti-freeze through water lines
      w/ water heater bypass already installed
    • Includes up to 2 gallons of anti-freeze
  • Deluxe $250.00
    • Includes Complete Winterization, Plus:
    • Winterize ice maker and/or water filter

Roof and Body Maintenance

SCRUB ROOF SURFACE & SEALANTS – 15’- 25’ $250.00 – 26’- 30’ $300.00 – 31’- 35’ $350.00 – 36’- 40’$450.00

  • Wash body exterior
  • Clean roof material with specially designed cleaning agents
  • Scrub all rubber roof sealants and roof material to allow for
    air dry, inspect condition
  • Remove refrigerator & vent lid covers to access sealants
    for cleaning, perform roof inspection
  • Apply UV blocker treatment to rubber roof material and sealants.

***additional charge to wax fiberglass roof


RESEAL-BODY (EXTERIOR) – 15’- 25’ $750.00 – 26’- 30’ $1000.00 – 31’- 35’ $1250.00 – 36’- 40’$1500.00

  • Trim and scrape off all exterior body joints and seams, compart-
    ment doors, windows, exterior lights and all components where
    there is a hole or penetration through the exterior body where
    old silicon or puttytape has bled out, cracked or separated
  • Prep area for re-sealing in white, clear or almond sealant to all
    accessible areas listed above
  • Will inspect all insert moldings & rain gutter ends, also will
    attempt to tighten any loose moldings unless water damage
    has already set in.


SPOT SEAL-BODY $110.00 per hour

  • Scrape and remove old sealant as needed
  • Clean and prep body surface with solvent cleaners
  • Spot seal exterior body with premium grade sealant


REMOVE & REPLACE INSERT MOLDING & RAIN GUTTERS – 15’- 25’ $300.00 – 26’- 30’ $350.00 – 31’- 35’ $400.00 – 36’- 40’$450.00

***Price may vary depending on insert molding size/styles***

    • Insert moldings will help to prevent water damage to wood joints,
      • interior & exterior panels, prevent mold and dry rot. It also makes
        the coach look a lot cleaner.

      • Includes 1’ white insert molding
      • Includes 1 set of standard rain gutters

      RESEAL ROOF – 15’- 25’ $750.00 – 26’- 30’ $1000.00 – 31’- 35’ $1250.00 – 36’- 40’$1500.00

      • Removal of old sealant from roof surface as needed
      • Prep surface and re-seal wirth premium grade lap sealant
      • Includes: front and rear moldings, all roof vents, plumbing vents,
        skylights, T.V. and radio antenna, refrigerator base and cover,
        ladder stations, roof racks, satellite dish, solar panels,
        GPS antennas, etc…
      • Does not include slide out roofs


      SPOT SEAL-ROOF $110.00 per hour

      • Remove or clean sealants as needed to spot seal roof
      • Prep surface and wipe down with body solvent cleaner
      • Seal with premium grade sealant
      • Inspect rubber roof condition and membrane surface
      • Inspect front & rear moldings, all roof vents, plumbing
        vent, skylight, T.V., radio & GPS antennas, refrigerator
        base and cover, ladder stations, solar panels, etc…


      Roof Coating


      15’- 25’ $1,600 – 26’- 30’ $1,800.00 – 31’- 35’ $2,000.00 – 36’- 40’ $2,200.00

      Liquid Roof EPDM

        • Liquid Roof EPDM coating is designed to fix leaks permanently, extends the life of your roof rubber or fiberglass for superior weather ability and UV resistance. The 5 to 10 year product warranty protects the roof from harsh weather and ultraviolet light thereby lowering interior temperatures.

      Liquid Roof is a liquefied version of a synthetic rubber typically referred to as EPDM. The letters EPDM stand for ethylene, propylene, diene monomer and M class. Prior to the liquefied version emerging on to the market, rolls of the rubber were used for waterproofing roofs. The liquids are much easier to apply. Can fill cracks and crevices. Liquid EPDM can go where the sheet version could never effectively coat. The liquid roof coatings have more uses. They can be used on RV roofs and other vehicles. They can be applied to a wide range of roofing materials including metal, fiberglass and wood (although wood is not a warrantied application). The use of an undercoating means the liquid roof can be applied to built-up and asphalt-based coatings (with the use of the ProFlex primer).

      15’- 25’ $1,800 – 26’- 30’ $2,000.00 – 31’- 35’ $2,200.00 – 36’- 40’ $2,400.00

      Dicor’s EPDM

      Dicor’s EPDM Roof Acrylic Coating extends the life and beauty of your rubber roof membrane by forming an excellent protective barrier with its elastomeric (elasticity and flexibility) feature. The coating provides superior resistance to harsh weather and ultraviolet light and has great fire retardation characteristics.

      We also offer Dicor’s recent product “CoolCoat™”

      CoolCoat™ is the industry’s first EPDM insulating roof coating, lab proven to reduce heat flux transfer from the roof of your RV to the interior of your RV by 29%

      CoolCoat™ starts with 100% elastomeric premium resins, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to create a brilliant white base pigment. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide both block the sun’s Ultraviolet and infrared radiation to reflect heat off your roof and back into the air.

      CoolCoat™ contains MicroCells™, nano-sized ceramic spheres that are vacuum formed eliminating all gas inside the microsphere. Vacuum technology, used for years in Thermos® containers to keep liquides hot or cold for hours, substantially reduces heat flux transfer from the hot side of your RV roof to the cool side of your RV ceiling. Lab results confirmed that with CoolCoat™, the interior ceiling remained at 76° F when the RV roof was a scorching 107°.

      CoolCoat™ means less heat transfer to your interior and that means less demand on your air conditioning, less wear on your compressor and less noise for you and your neighbors.

      Exterior Detail Services

      WASH EXTERIOR – 15’- 25’ $175.00 – 26’- 30’ $200.00 – 31’- 35’ $225.00 – 36’- 40’$250.00

      • Pressure wash roof surface
      • Scrub and hand wash body
      • Squeegee and wipe down windows
      • Scrub, clean and apply tire dressing

      WASH & WAX – 15’- 25’ $800.00 – 26’- 30’ $1,000.00 – 31’- 35’ $1,200.00 – 36’- 40’$1,400.00

      • Pressure wash roof surface
      • Scrub and hand wash body
      • Apply wax to exterior body
      • Squeegee and wipe down windows
      • Scrub, clean and apply tire dressing


      CLEAN UP & INSPECTION – 15’- 25’ $1,750.00 – 26’- 30’ $2,000.00 – 31’- 35’ $2,250.00 – 36’- 40’$2,500.00

      • 45 point inspection
      • Pressure wash roof and exterior body
      • Spot seal exterior roof, window and moldings
      • Remove/Replace insert molding/screw covers as needed
      • Remove/Replace drain gutter drip caps
      • Remove/Replace entry door window trim rings, hold backs
        and bumpers
      • Paint all plastic discolored doors and covers (white)
      • Remove/Replace all discolored clearance and entry door
        light lenses
      • Remove/replace compartment door hold backs/latches
      • Paint rear bumper, trailer A-frame, or 5th wheel pin box
        and entry door steps
      • Lube slide out rails and seals (if equipped)


      Interior Detailing


      • Vacuum carpeting
      • Shampoo carpeting
      • Mop and scrub flooring
      • Clean and condition leather seating
      • Clean and protect fabric seating
      • Clean appliances, refrigerator, stove/oven
      • Clean interior windows
      • Clean wall surfaces
      • Clean lighting fixtures and ceiling fans
      • Clean full bathroom
      • Clean full kitchen
      • Clean sleeping areas
      • Clean counter tops
      • Clean cabinet surface and finishes

      Oxidation Removal



        (including wool/foam pads and rags)

      This service is required for RVs with gel coat or fiberglass finishes with
      light to severe oxidation or rading.
      We will attempt to remove all oxidation as possible.
      In most cases this is a four step process to completely restore your RV

      1. Proprietary process to eliminate all build-up and residue on
      gel coat / fiberglass.
      2. High speed polish with rubbing compound [wool pads required].
      3. Low speed polish to remove swirls. [foam pads required].
      4. Finish with an application of carnauba wax or gel coat sealer.

      *This service includes an exterior wash.

      Average cost range is $1,500.00 – $3,000.00 depending on unit
      size and condition.