Water Damage Repair

Dry rot damage can happen to anyone. Only way to prevent it is yearly maintenance. This starts by checking all sealants on the roof, slide outs and body of your RV.

Dry rot damage repair is very costly as it takes lots of time and materials. We have taken the time to post some images below as well on our Facebook page of the damages from water seeping into voids causing dry rot. We offer free roof and body inspections to help prevent these costly repairs.

Some RV roofs are not properly designed to allow all water to run off and the water sits in corners on top of sealants that are dried out and cracking  and the water seeps in and causes dry rot. When we preform these types of repairs we not only repair/replace the dry rot we also restructure the roof area to allow for better water run off. We don’t want to just replace the problem area we also want to prevent it from happening again. It takes a little more time for the repair but it is well worth the peace of mind for US as well as the customer that this damage will not happen again with the continued proper maintenance.