Majority of generators installed in RV’s are Onan.

The reason that Onan is the most used is due to it’s durability and longevity.  There is also tons of other generator manufactures in the market. I.E Honda, Yamaha, ect.

On to Maintenance:

Generators must be ran at least once a month under a load for at least 45 minutes. This will help keep the jets in the carburetor clean, as well as the fuel pump/fuel filter. These parts are easily damaged by not following this procedure. We offer maintenance packages that will save you from costly repairs down the road.


Gas Generator Service $250

Diesel Generator Service $350

***Price may vary due to parts needed or replacements***

  • Replace generator oil filter

  • Replace generator oil

  • Check air & fuel filter (Replace if necessary for additional charge)

  • Perform generator load test.

When fuel sits too long it will start to varnish. The single jet on the Onan carburetor will not burn varnish fuel. Varnished fuel will cause a build up in the carburetor that is almost impossible to clean out. To prevent this issue from happening we recommend adding a fuel shut off and run the generator till it stops so it burns off all access fuel in the carburetor and the float bowl and adding fuel stabilizer to prevent the fuel in the tank from varnishing