Certified Onan generator repair shop.

We offer sales, parts & service on almost any RV on board or portable generator.

One of our specialties at our shop is generator service and maintenance.  Majority of generators installed in RV’s are Onan.

There is also tons of other generator manufactures in the market. I.E Honda, Yamaha, Powerhouse and lots of other great generator manufactures out there.. But we would be here all day!

We believe the reason that Onan is the most used is because of it’s durability, longevity and the fact that they are work horses in the industry. We have seen Onan generators over 15,000 hours with the proper maintenance. As you can see from the pictures on the left we have pulled and broken down large diesel generators to replace cracked oil pans. We have also done the next to impossible and brought old 2 cylinder generators back to life. One of our recent feats was converting a gas generator to propane. Apparently with contacting Cummins Onan directly this has not been attempted enough to help us with the conversion. There really wasn’t a preset kit so we had prints and parts list sent to us and we ordered the parts we needed to complete the conversion.

We will be putting up a video shortly that shows the conversion completed and the initial firing the generator on propane.


On to Maintenance:

Generators being complex are easily maintained just like a car. Generators must be ran at least once a month under a load for at least 45 minutes this will help keep the jets in the carburetor clean and also the fuel pump/fuel filter. We replace a lot of those parts because of them not being cycled and the fuel varnishes and clogs up the jets in the carburetor. We  offer a maintenance package and will also educate you on how to properly maintain your generator to save you from costly repairs down the road. I.E a carburetor typically runs $350 + 1 hour labor at $110


***Price may vary due to parts needed or replacements***

  • Check and clean battery connections

  • Visual inspection of exhaust system

  • Verify CO detector operations and working properly

  • Check air & fuel filter (replace if necessary for additional charge)

  • Change oil & filter, perform load test.