California RV Specialists


California RV Specialists Is one of only a few qualified companies in the state that specialize in Recreational Vehicles. We provide Dish and Directv as well as specialty antennas for RV’s from Winegard and King Controls as well as work within RV’s to provide a personal touch to your experience.

If you’re an RV owner in the Northern California area, don’t get shuffled around at the big box stores or dealers. Get the kind of personal service and custom installation you deserve. Call California RV Specialists!



Satellite TV in your RV is as easy, flexible and enjoyable as it is in your home with the Winegard TRAVLER™ automatic multi-satellite antennas.  TRAVLER™ antennas are able to view multiple satellites simultaneously to provide you with the most comprehensive viewing experience available.

Built on a re-engineered mechanical platform The TRAVLER’s stable base provides uninterrupted signal acquisition during strong winds and adverse weather conditions

Manufactured with approved DIRECTV® and DISH Network™ Reflectors Fully automatic antennas provide the highest signal strength on the market and gives you everything DIRECTV® and DISH Network™ have to offer.

View up to 5 satellites at the same time Watch programming from up to 5 satellites, all at the same time, just like in your home. No extra switches or converters needed.

Fully HD-Ready If HD is important to you, TRAVLER™ antennas are HD-Ready and do not require any add on accessories other than an HD receiver and HDTV, sold separately.

Bell ExpressVU customers purchase the TRAVLER™ DISH 1000 model SK-1000 for access to multi satellite Bell ExpressVU programming.