Starlink for RVs is ideal for customers traveling to locations where connectivity has been unreliable or completely unavailable. According to Starlink this allows immediate access to unlimited high-speed date, low-latency internet speeds, as-needed basis at any destination where Starlink provides active coverage, with no contracts or hidden cancellation fees. Starlink owners have the choice to use the starlink portable system or there in-motion use system, This will allow you to work and play from more remote locations while traveling.

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Designed for RV mobile applications and its environments, the Flat High-Performance RV Starlink enables better speeds at high temperatures, can connect to more satellites, and the more extreme environments.

The Standard RV Starlink is designed for portable use at any destination where Starlink has active coverage.

How do I get this?

Option 1 – Contact Winegard directly online, order product and have shipped to California RV Specialists – make sure to say attention your name. Schedule an appointment pending parts arrival.

Option 2 – Contact California RV Specialists and order directly with staff. We will require full payment for parts, freight and tax at time of order.

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What’s the cost for a Starlink Installation?

This can range from as little as 4 hours to as high as 8 hours.