Over time your RV’s roof and body sealants will dry out and crack, after that happens water will find path of least resistance and get into the walls and floor of your RV. When there is no caulk to prevent blockage, dirt and dust enter the RV more freely. It can enter from moisture from exterior, interior condensation from air, rain or snow, or by washing your unit. It can also damage the structure or cause dangerous mold and mildew to start growing inside. However, in most cases, it doesn’t show up right away, causing unnoticed dry rot to occur.

We offer a free exterior evaluation and inspection of the body and roof sealants.

Did you know that most manufacturers recommend that you check your RV’s roof and body sealants every 30-90 days. Most manufacturers don’t seal everything, probably because it’s such a long process.

Below are some pictures show of our repairs due to water intrusion. Also check out videos on the side for roof replacement from water damage.

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Front Cap Water Damaged Replacement!