RV Airflow Benefits

RV Airflow helps the air-conditioning unit’s evaporative coil and virtually eliminates the potential of evaporator freeze ups.  Another benefit of an RV Airflow System is that the reduction of air friction may extend the life of your A/C components, including reducing the load on the compressor, blower motor and other electrical components. 

RV Airflow may also reduce compressor cycle times so that the A/C unit doesn’t have to work as hard.  This can result in lower electrical consumption by your air conditioner. The air conditioner will also remove much more moisture from the rig in high humidity climates. The reduction of air turbulence may also assist in decreasing noise while running your air-conditioner.

Improve the performance of your RV air conditioner! The RV Airflow is a patent-pending module that installs into the plenum, the space between the bottom of your air-conditioning unit and the cover plate, that captures 100% of the air and directs it in an optimized way into your RV’s existing duct work.  The module is a non-electrical, non-mechanical device that removes air friction and turbulence, allowing your roof mounted air-conditioner to operate at is designed capacity.

  • Increases A/C air volume
  • Cools your unit faster
  • Improves efficiency, leading to energy and cost savings
  • Balances air flow throughout the RV
  • Reduces noise