Prevent tire blow outs in your RV! In most cases when a tire is about to blowout it will start to rapidly lose air, With a TireMinder system the monitor will beep at you letting you know that a tire is loosing air, That will give you time to pull over safely before your tire blows out and causes damage to save you from a bad situation and costly repairs.

TireMinder offers a variety of systems.

Below is a few of our most popular systems that our customers have us install on a weekly basis.

Smart TPMS

Peace of Mind. Right on Your Smartphone.

New TireMinder Flow Through Kits

TireMinder Smart TPMS with 4 Flow-Through Transmitters

The first smartphone based TPMS designed for RVs, MotorHomes, 5th Wheels, trailers and more. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android Smart Devices.

The included TireMinder® Bluetooth® Adapter converts TireMinder’s® standard 433Mhz transmitter data into a Bluetooth® signal which interfaces with your smartphone. When combined with our Rhino Signal Booster®, we are able to transmit tire information further and more reliably than any other TPMS on the market. The TPMS-APP kits come with a Rhino Signal Booster® (to eliminate electronic interference) 4 screw on transmitters, and more (extra batteries, “O” rings, bracket, anti-theft locking nuts, carrying case, free lithium battery exchange program and unlimited “live” phone/email support). TireMinder®, the multi-year gold medal award winning TPMS! Phone not included.

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring right from your smartphone
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android Smart Devices
  • Monitors tire pressure and temperature
  • Checks for tire issues every 6 seconds
  • Push notification alert system
  • 433Mhz to Bluetooth® BLE adapter maximizes signal range
  • Phone off? Bluetooth® BLE adapter provides constant alert protection
  • Automatically scroll between all tire positions
  • Auto-update function allows updated pressure readings in a touch
  • Easily add and remove transmitters with a simple press
  • Sophisticated alert system provides early warning detection of tire issues
  • Includes our brand new “RHINO” signal booster

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