We specialize in doing repairs, maintenance, minor paint, and body repairs and servicing Grand Design RV units. For most people, their Grand Design RV will be the second largest purchase of their life besides their home, and for many of our customers, it is their home. Whether you have a high-dollar unit or an entry-level one, our message to you will be the same – it needs to be maintained.

RV Maintenance

Proper routine care can mean the difference between a Grand RV adventure and a Grand RV fiasco.

What sets our repair shop aside from a dealership is we are not here to sell you a new one, we are here to fix and maintain what you have.

Want to learn more about maintaining your Grand Design RV?

Consider joining our Grand Design RV Facebook group. This is where other Grand Design RV owners share their problems, repairs, and upgrades. We also share Grand Design RVs that are on our lot.

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