RV Window Glass Seals Shrinkage

Join Dustin In The RV Shop to talk about factors cause RV window seals to shrink and discolor. The most important is UV rays, heat, soaps, cleaners, constant movement, age, salt, snow, and normal wear and tear can cause damage.

RV window glass seals play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of your RV’s windows, preventing leaks, and ensuring a comfortable interior. However, over time, you may encounter issues like shrinkage, where the seals seem to contract or pull away. In this post, Dustin will explore the common causes of shrinkage in RV window glass seals and how to address and prevent this issue.

Age and Exposure to Elements:

Cause: RV window seals are often made of rubber or other flexible materials. Over time, prolonged exposure to sunlight, extreme temperatures, and the elements can cause these materials to age and lose their elasticity.

Solution: Dustin suggest to regularly inspect and maintain your RV’s window seals. Clean them with a mild detergent, and apply a UV-resistant seal conditioner to keep the material flexible. Consider using window covers or shades when your RV is not in use to protect the seals from harsh weather conditions.

Poor Quality Materials:

Cause: Some RVs may come with window seals made from low-quality materials that are more prone to shrinking and deterioration.

Solution: If you notice premature shrinkage, consider replacing the seals with higher-quality, UV-resistant materials. Upgrading to better materials can enhance the longevity of the seals and provide better protection against the elements. (Upgrading material if available.)

Improper Installation:

Cause: Incorrect installation or poor workmanship during the manufacturing process can contribute to shrinkage issues. If the seals are not installed properly, they may not adhere correctly or withstand the stress of movement during travel.

Solution: When replacing or installing new window seals, ensure that the job is done by professionals or follow the manufacturer’s guidelines meticulously. Proper installation is key to preventing shrinkage and ensuring the seals’ effectiveness.

Chemical Exposure:

Cause: Exposure to harsh chemicals or cleaning agents can accelerate the breakdown of rubber or other seal materials, leading to shrinkage.

Solution: Use mild, RV-friendly cleaning products when maintaining your windows. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives that can compromise the integrity of the seals. Regularly clean and condition the seals to protect them from environmental factors.

Overextension or Compression:

Cause: Excessive force or pressure on the seals, whether from overextension or compression during travel or when the windows are closed tightly, can contribute to shrinkage.

Solution: Be gentle when opening and closing windows to avoid unnecessary stress on the seals. Ensure that windows are properly aligned and that the seals are not excessively compressed or stretched during operation.

Understanding the causes of shrinkage in RV window glass seals is essential for effective maintenance. By addressing these issues promptly and incorporating preventive measures, such as regular inspections and proper cleaning, you can extend the lifespan of your window seals and enjoy a well-sealed and comfortable RV interior.

Dustin’s reminder to inspect your RV window seals regularly, my suggestion is once a month and at minimum once a season. You can also increase the life of the window seal by applying 303 rubber seal protectant to the seals regularly.

Hopefully these tips helps you and don’t forget to go out and inspect the windows.
Future articles I will cover replacement, installation and tools that you need to make repairs.

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