Steering Control unit to give you a safer, better ride whether you drive a motorhome, RV, tow vehicle, and just about every other kind of small-to-medium truck out there on the open road.

Safe and Enjoyable Driving

Let Safe T Plus help to keep your motorhome driving through challenging side winds, shoving winds of semi-trucks passing, rut tracking carved in the road, crowned highways, potholes, pavement drops, and other general bad road conditions.

Helps Improve the Following RV Driving Challenges:

  • Road Wandering
  • Over-Steering
  • Side Winds
  • Passing Semi-Trucks
  • Bad Roads
  • Front Tire Blowouts
  • Travel Fatigue

41-230 Blue

  • Class A RVs
  • Motor Coaches
  • Color: Blue

31-140 Silver

  • Class B, C Motorhomes
  • Leisure Travel & Custom Vans
  • Pickup Truck, SUV, and Van Tow Vehicles
  • Passenger Cars
  • Color: Silver

41-150 Re

  • Some Class A V10 F53 14-16K GVWR
  • 1990’s Light Duty Class A RV’s
  • Straight Axle Light Duty Trucks
  • Light Duty Fleet Trucks
  • Color: Red

41-180 White

  • Some Class A V10 F53 18-22K GVWR
  • Light Duty Fleet Vehicles
  • Small Commercial Box Trucks
  • Light Duty Fleet Vehicles
  • Color: White

Authorized Safe T Plus Dealer

Safe T Plus – Dealer locator Link

Easy Steering Control Installation

Installed in approximately 1-1/2 hours labor, Includes road test before and after. No welding, wiring, or drilling required. Simply mount Safe-T-Plus, road test, center, and explore the open road.

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