Have you ever been plugged in at an RV campground and had a breaker trip the moment your air conditioner came on while something else was already running? Were you ever stuck running one of your two roof ACs because the campground didn’t have 50 amp sites? Do you love boondocking but don’t want to lug around a big 3000-watt generator to run your air conditioner?

If any of the above situations apply to you, then you definitely need SoftStartRV. Even if you haven’t run into the above problems, you should think about getting a SoftStartRV.

Adding a soft start to your RV’s air conditioning (AC) unit is a smart upgrade that can have several benefits, especially when dealing with power limitations or starting your AC on a generator. Here’s some information about AC soft starts and the advantages of this RV upgrade:

What is an AC Soft Start?

An AC soft start, also known as a soft starter or compressor saver, is an electronic device installed in the AC unit. Its primary function is to reduce the initial power surge that occurs when the compressor motor starts. This surge can be demanding on generators and campground electrical systems.

Benefits of Adding an AC Soft Start to Your RV:

  1. Reduced Power Demand:
    • The soft start reduces the initial power requirement when the AC compressor starts, making it easier on generators and preventing tripped circuit breakers.
  2. Quieter Operation:
    • The reduced power demand often leads to a smoother and quieter startup of the AC unit.
  3. Compatibility with Low Power Sources:
    • Enables the use of the AC unit in situations where power sources are limited, such as when running on a generator or in campgrounds with lower electrical capacity.
  4. Extension of Generator Life:
    • By reducing the strain on the generator during AC startup, a soft start can contribute to extending the life of your generator.
  5. Prevention of Dimming Lights:
    • Helps prevent the lights from dimming in your RV when the AC starts, which can occur with traditional AC units.
  6. Energy Efficiency:
    • Soft starts can contribute to energy efficiency by preventing unnecessary power spikes.

Considerations and Installation:

  1. Compatibility:
    • Ensure that the soft start is compatible with your specific AC unit. Different soft start models are designed for various AC compressors.
  2. Professional Installation:
    • Installation typically requires some electrical expertise. It’s recommended to have the soft start professionally installed to ensure it’s done correctly.
  3. RV Warranty Considerations:
    • Check your RV warranty as adding aftermarket components could potentially affect the warranty terms.

Adding a soft start to your RV’s AC unit can be a valuable upgrade, especially if you frequently camp in areas with limited electrical capacity or rely on a generator.

SoftStartRV Packages

How a SoftStartRV System Works

The compressor has a powerful electric motor, which must be brought up to speed when the unit kicks on. Some ACs can see a momentary spike of around 50 amps or more. That spike is quick, but it’s enough to trip breakers, add wear to the compressor, and prevent you from running more than one AC on 30 amps. It’s also why you need that giant generator to run your AC while boondocking.

The SoftStartRV is an electronic device that controls your air conditioner compressor’s starting amps by smoothly ramping up the voltage. By smartly controlling the startup of the compressor, you gain a few advantages.

  • There’s no more thumping sound when your AC starts up. You still hear the fan, but the loud thump that can be heard when the compressor kicks on doesn’t happen. 
  • Startup amps are reduced by over 50%. That means an AC that used to require a 3000-watt generator will now only need a small Honda 2200-Watt generator to run. For those with two ACs, you can use them both while plugged into a 30 amp outlet.
  • The lack of a large current draw is better for all electronic components involved, which could mean a longer life for your RV AC.


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