California RV Specialists wants to express that safety is priority number one for us when it comes time to installation, repairs, inspections or services for RV Propane System. We wanted to share some basic information with you to help guide you when looking for LP parts and safety alarms.

Article by Dustin Simpson on RV

How do I prevent an RV LP gas leak?

GasStop The Ultimate In Propane Safety

Do you realize GasStop is the only RV Safety Product on the entire US market that can protect you against major propane leaks?

The LP tanks are empty with a cut off OPD valve, so what does that mean? It means if you turn the tank on with nothing connected it will not allow the gas to flow.

But once connected to a LP pigtail that OPD valve will not work. It will allow the gas to flow thro the LP pigtail.

Now did you know that the LP pigtail is equipped with an excess flow protection in case of broken gas line? But that only works at 80% reducing the pressure and will not stop the 20% of gases that will now leak.

We want to to travel safely and we highly recommend to install a GasStop in your RV to protect your loved ones? Think again and stay safe.

Dustin’s concerns!

– LP lines installed by the manufacturer typically are exposed throughout the RV.

– LP lines exposed underneath slide-outs especially for slides that have refrigerator and stoves in the slide.

– Quick connects and exposed hoses underneath the RV on frame and near I beams next to tires.

– Example: Let’s say a tire blows out and takes out that LP line. If it causes any spark or damages any wirings that cause a sparks. Well you can guess what could happen.

– Example: quick connections, let’s say the grand kids, dog and even you accidentally trip even knocking over portable barbecue, lantern or grill.

– Let say’s that it brakes off the hose or the connection. No you have no control to stop the LP flow.

– I can go on and on with examples, but my point is better to have this and hope you never need to depend on it. Then not having it and needing it.

Having a GasStop is cheap insurance to protect yourself and others from getting hurt and your liability.

LP Automatic Changeover Regulator – Travel Trailer / Fifth Wheel

This is a standard two stage automatic changeover regulator, it automatically redirects LP gas vapor flow from an empty service cylinder to a reserve cylinder, without interruption of service.

Easy to read green indicator which changes to red when the service cylinder needs to be refilled.

Vertical Two Stage Regulator – Small Camper or Travel Trailer

These standard two-stage regulators are approved for use in nearly all portable applications and outdoor cooking appliances utilizing low pressure.

They feature all zinc body construction, high and low 1/8” NPT pressure tap ports, an integral second stage drip lip vent and optional standard or 90-degree vent locations.

Horizontal Two Stage Regulator – Motorhome

For use, two-stage regulators are specifically intended for applications with low BTU demands but still require two stage regulation.

They feature all zinc body construction, high and low 1/8″ NPT pressure tap ports, an integral second stage drip lip vent and optional standard or 90 degree vent locations.

Propane Pigtails with Inverted Male Flares

Connects to propane tanks to auto changeover regulators for use on RV application ONLY (200,000 BTU/H) Available in 12”, 15”, 18”, 20”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 48” and 60” lengths

Inverted Flare Adapter

Most commonly used on some auto
changeover dual stage regulators. Required to replace older LP pigtails that had the 1/4″ Male NPT ends. This adapter allows you to use the 1/4″ inverted male flare end pigtails.

How often should safety Alarms be replaced on a RV?

Replace your Propane and CO alarms that are over 5 years old. Only install Propane and CO alarms that are UL listed for Recreational Vehicle use. Some CO alarms or their replaceable CO sensors may have a shorter service life. Check the manufacturer’s owner’s manual for replacement information. Replace your Smoke & Fire Alarms that are over 10 years old.

Pangaea Digital RV Propane Gas Detector

PANGAEA RV gas detectors use highly-sensitive semiconductors to provide faster, more accurate response times to gas exposure, so you can make a smarter, safer choice for your travelers. This gas detector for RV use features a digital screen that shows real-time concentrations and error codes which allows it to replace other models like the MTI Safe-T-Alert 20, 30, 40, and CCI control series

MTI Safe-T-Alert Propane/LP Gas Alarms

The alarms detects Propane Gas are Ideal for Class A Motor homes, Class B Van Campers, Class C Mini-Motor Homes, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Truck & Folding Campers.

30 Series Flush Mount

Dual Propane/Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The dual alarm that detects both Propane Gas and CO. Ideal for Class A Motor homes, Class B Van Campers, Class C Mini-Motor Homes, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Truck & Folding Campers.

35 Series Flush Mount

Smoke Detector

This alarm is a single station smoke detector.

For more information on MTI Inudstries Safe-T-Alert products please see FAQ on this link.