Welcome to California RV Specialists!

We have been servicing customers at the same location since 2003. Our owners and staff have been in the RV industry for more than 20 years and we pass that experience and knowledge on too our customers.

What sets our repair shop aside from a dealership is that we strive to offer the best customer service possible, as well as educate our customers about their RV's, the maintenance, and optional upgrades that will help them keep their RV's in great condition and worry free. We take pride in our work and treat the repairs as if they were on our own RV's

We repair all types of RV's!

Motorhomes,  fifthwheels, travel trailers, horse trailers,  car trailers,  utility  trailers, food trucks,  concession  trailers, fire/police command  units,  service  vehicles, transit /shuttle  buses and more! 

There is no job too big or too small. Customers are always asking us what type of repairs we do?  Our Motto is "We do everything from cleaning toilets to complete remodels"!

Below is a list some of the services that we offer.


  • Remodel and Update Interior
  • Clean up RV for resale
  • Generators Sales, Parts & Service
  • Satellites, TV Antennas and WiFi
  • Solar Installations and Upgrades
  • Custom TV's,  Soundbars & Speakers
  • Electrical Diagnostics & Repair
  • Plumbing Diagnostics & Repair
  • Refrigerators Sales, Parts & Service
  • Roof Air Conditioners Sales, Parts & Service
  • Water Heater Sales, Parts & Service
  • Furnace Sales, Parts & Service
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Awnings Sales, Parts & Service
  • Slideout Toppers Sales, Parts & Service
  • Trailer Brakes & Suspension
  • Window Replacement
  • Carpet and Flooring upgrades
  • Tow Vehicle Packages
  • Pickup Truck Accessories
  • Utility Trailers Repairs & Upgrades
  • Boat Trailers Repairs & Upgrades
  • Pickup Truck Accessories





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Customer Reviews

  • Tommy Avatar
    1 star rating

    Do not take your RV for generator repair to California RV Specialists in Lodi!Owner Dustin and Service Advisor Zach are lacking in ability when it comes to generator troubleshooting. My RV generator was running but would surge and shut down after several minutes, so I took it there to get fixed. They told me that the carburetor needed to be replaced and that would fix the problem, $862 later the generator was still surging and shutting down. Then, they sent me to a chassis shop to check the gas tank and fuel line to the generator. $207 later I found out the fuel lines and gas tank were just fine. I then took it to a Sacramento generator shop and all it needed was a little oil and a new fuel pump. The Sacramento mechanic told me that the carburetor did not need to be replaced (even though it had a broken altitude adjustment screw). Cal RV specialists sold me something I did not need and billed me for 4 hours of labor to boot.I asked for a partial refund due to their mis-diagnosis and the owner told me that they never promised to fix it! He then threatened to put a lien on my RV if I disputed the credit card transaction. The funny thing is that I never told him that I would dispute the transaction!. He made a preemptive strike!Worst repair shop I have ever been to. The owner is not a good business person. Steer clear of Cal RV specialists. - 6/11/2019

  • Paige Avatar
    5 star rating

    We have been dealing with RV specialists for sometime now and we highly recommend them for all your RV needs! They are honest and reliable. California RV Specialists is the only place to take your RV. They do quality work and are caring and competent and honest! We just purchased a new used 5th wheel and took it there to be inspected and solar panel installed. We are very pleased with the service we received. The staff is awesome!! - 10/21/2018

  • Debra Avatar
    5 star rating

    We brought our RV to these folks with a laundry list of issues after a long trip. Dustin and his team went after everyone of them, contacting the RV company and the parts company to get the to the bottom of the problems. Our worst issue was a knocking sound in a slide wall- ultimately they determined it was the slide motor itself causing the sound, which the manufacturer had redesigned for that very reason. Motor replaced- knocking gone. These folks were like detectives tracking this down, and they also kept us updated on their efforts via email. I wouldn't take my RV anywhere else after this. - 8/19/2020

  • Bill Avatar

    positive review  California RV Specialists saved us when a renter damaged our Toy Hauler recently. Very helpful and quick turnaround on getting it fixed for us. We recommend them highly! - 6/14/2018

  • Marie Avatar

    positive review  We had a great experience at California RV. We recently had the front cap replaced on our toy hauler. They did a good job and in a timely manor too!! - 11/08/2018

  • Roxane Avatar

    positive review  Everything was done right, a very good experience!!!! - 6/13/2016

  • Vicki Avatar

    positive review  Our motorhome had water damage into the overhead bed, Dustin kept us updated of progress as the job went along, did quality work with a fair price. We trust his work explicitly and highly recommend his service. - 3/31/2017

  • Tammy Avatar
    5 star rating

    Our 2nd review....once again 5 star! These guys know their stuff! Sometimes we pester them with small jobs, others times they educated and help us with maintenance of our 5th wheel. And, for the bigger stuff... like when we hit a low tree that scraped our roof which we had to have replaced ugg..We knew it was done right! Love this place!! - 10/22/2018

  • Mike Avatar
    1 star rating

    Made an appointment to have some warranty work done on my new motorhome. Had to wait a month for an opening. Indicated to Zach on the phone that it was warranty work and described the problems. He said no problem. When I arrived for the appointment and again indicated the problems Zach said that they couldn't do warranty work on Fleetwood's and they couldn't fix one of the two problems in any case. It would have saved me a lot of time, money and anguish if he had told me this over the phone a month earlier. It also would have helped if their website indicated which brands of motor homes they cannot do warranty work on. - 11/22/2017

  • Gary Avatar

    positive review  Great service for the price. Care and attention to our rig. - 2/08/2020

  • Cristina Avatar
    5 star rating

    I totally disagree with Manny. I loved these guys - all of them! They are swamped, which is probably the only reason it takes them a bit longer to get work done. As long as you're in no rush, these guys are going to get the work done right. They are fair, honest, and very personable. (REALLY?) :p They were working in 106 degree weather just to get me home in time to put my RV in storage. Thanks guys, especially Scott and Hap! - 8/01/2016

  • Kathleen Avatar

    positive review  Honest, reliable, fair prices, and willing to educate you on how things work! - 8/18/2015

  • Manny Avatar
    1 star rating

    Too bad I can't give 0 stars. What a pain in the rear. I took in my trailer 8 days ago for some upgrades (adding 2 batteries, some 12v lighter plugs). They promised me they would be done on four different occasions. I went in today and they still have not even started it. I picked up my trailer and I'm taking it to a reputable repair shop. What a joke, don't believe their excuses. I strongly recommend you go somewhere else. I'm not one to write strong negative reviews but the BS I had to deal with really got under my skin. What happened to customer service? - 9/12/2012

  • Tami Avatar
    5 star rating

    Great atmosphere, amazing customer service and VERY knowledgeable about RVs and RV life. I wouldn't take mine any where else!! If you have an RV this is the place for maintenance, check ups and repairs! - 10/21/2018

  • Wil Avatar

    positive review  We gave the RV Specialists a real 14 year old project that was just waiting for their attention. Our travel trailer had many miles on it, with several problems for which these folk professionally took care of the many areas of concern, including a liquid roof, and water damage. We will from now on use them for repairs which are beyond my ability to fix, and repair. (there is a difference.) - 7/21/2017

  • Lori Avatar

    positive review  Dustin, Scott & the crew took great care of my trailer. Super patient with insurance hassles and delays. Went above & beyond, rig repairs look great! I'd give 6 stars if I could. - 6/08/2016

  • Cindy Avatar

    positive review  We left our Class C FR 24’ there today. All our roof and seals were cracked only 3 yrs. old. Thank you for taking care of our Motor Home! Letting us know what we need to keep it weather proof! - 7/04/2019

  • Caroline Avatar

    positive review  They are very knowledgeable and their work is impeccable! Their prices are reasonable too. As you can imagine it takes a while to get your RV in for service/maintenance (~1 month) but they are worth the wait. - 10/01/2019

  • Faye Avatar

    positive review  Thank you for taking care of my RV; you have a great team! - 3/02/2019

  • Memory Avatar
    5 star rating

    I have heard nothing but good things about Dustin and his crew...skilled, honest, and they will treat you right. I know Dustin personally and I wouldn't go to anyone else to work on an RV. - 2/05/2017

  • Sarah Avatar
    5 star rating

    These guys are AMAAAAAZING!! I have a dog grooming van that needed the automatic transfer switch replaced. These guys were able to get my rig in super fast, get it completely fixed up (there were multiple other issues that they found while working on it) and explained everything very thoroughly so I knew what the problem was to start and how to avoid it in the future. I'm so excited to bring the van back to have a few other things fixed on it. I know it will be in the best hands with them. They are my go to mechanics for the grooming van now!!So glad I found them! You will not be disappointed with their A+ superstar services. - 8/13/2019

  • Tami Avatar

    positive review  Great atmosphere, amazing customer service and VERY knowledgeable about RVs and RV life. I wouldn’t take mine any where else!! If you have an RV this is the place for maintenance, check ups and repairs! - 10/21/2018

  • Chris Avatar

    positive review  Scott did an awesome job on my old Nomad. Installed new leaf springs and a cool equa flex / wet bolt suspension system that is sure to provide a smooth ride. Also fixed a few other problems along the way. He kept me informed the whole time they had my rig. I feel totally confident on the road now. - 9/18/2016

  • James Avatar

    I've had nothing but good experiences with California RV. A great family owned business with Christian values. They truly care about you and the community. - 2/08/2017

  • Samantha Avatar
    5 star rating

    I have done business with California RV for years. They do amazing work and reasonably priced. Customer service is beyond remarkable. I would definitely recommend California RV. - 9/21/2016

  • Jon Avatar
    5 star rating

    These guys are awesome!! Super knowledgeable and great customer service! I just picked up my rig and they went over all of my concerns and walked thru each of my questions. I would definitely recommend them and will be back. - 9/12/2017

  • Penny Avatar

    positive review  You and your team saved our July 4th vacation. Thanks for working us in and solving the electrical problem. We had 10 worry free days.!👍 - 7/07/2019

  • Tara Avatar

    positive review  Great customer service, no pressure sales!! Got all the gear we need for our new travel trailer. - 10/25/2017

  • Tonia Avatar
    1 star rating

    Well I can't tell you if they are good or not because they won't call us back. We've called and left 2 messages on their voicemail but they don't return calls, which makes me a little concerned about having them do any repairs for us. I read the other 1 star review where they said the work never even got started and since they can't even make a return call I'd have to believe the reviewer. - 1/23/2017

  • Ella Avatar
    5 star rating

    Just had some much needed work done on my RV. Took it to Cal RV and am extremely happy with the repair work Dustin and crew did. I've gone to Cal RV before for repair work on my RV and they convinced me to return based on the work they did. I'm slowly replacing defective and cheap products Fleetwood installed in/on my Class C, and Zach worked closely with me on all the projects I needed done. He also let me know when I didn't need any extra work for projects I was looking into. The price was more than reasonable for the work done. Everyone may not be happy with the work they do, but I think they're great and have no problems going back to them for more work to be done on my RV. Thanks guys........ - 6/20/2019

  • Jeremi Avatar

    Extremely Unprofessional. The owner Dustin is a complete jerk. There constant excuse for not doing what they say they will is they are super busy. As if everyone is not busy. Scott led me on for 3 weeks that he would get a parts list sent to forest river and it still has not happened. You call them and it's hard to even have someone answer he phone. When I finally got ahold of Dustin to tell him of all these issues (because he had no clue). He said find someone else then and hung up on me. REAL PROFESSIONAL!!!! They have been absolutely terrible. I will be letting forest river know of there customer service. These guys should not even be doing business. If I was a betting man I would bet Dustin goes out of business again like he did before. Don't trust these guys. Consumer beware. - 8/08/2017

  • Charlotte Avatar

    positive review  These folks are so very nice they know what they are talking about, and are affordable. - 1/31/2018

  • David Avatar
    5 star rating

    We had some manufacturing issues with our new trailer. We had it in our dealer's repair shop for a month and they never fixed the major problem (even after making an appointment for the repairs). Their response was New trailer sales come first, then warranty repair. We decided to look for another another RV repair company. I heard good things about California RV Specialists and thought We'd give them a try. WOW! These guys are fantastic!. Made an appointment and asked them not to take our trailer until they were ready to repair it. I had to wait a little over a month, as they were working on several projects and would not be able to do it right away. During the wait, they would call and update us to let us know when we would be able to bring it in to have the repairs complete. Once they received our trailer, it took them only two weeks for the repair! We waited for Jayco to approve the warranty, then the repairs were completed. The service was perfect and our coach is in better than new condition due to the extra care it was given. Thank you Dustin and crew for a fantastic job! We will be back for sure. - 5/12/2017

  • Donna Avatar
    5 star rating

    There are no words that gives this company it's due description of the timely quality of service it provides. I purchased a 44' 2000 Tiffin RV, Dustin went through this coach to identify its need to bring up to high standards. Over the past year Dustin and his staff have completed the following items, installed tvs, DVDs, outside stero, CB radio, Sirius radios, Girard satellite, build outside entertainment center, resealed roof, installed screens, vent covers, tow bar kit for both tow car and rv, resealed wall moulding, permanently removed an odor that just wouldn't go away, plumbing and refrigerator, all these repairs or installation have been completed with love and care including how to prevent future issues without breaking the bank. THANK YOU DUSTIN, SCOTT, AMY AND ZACK, my friends! Please thank your wives/children for the extra time you have given! It's now been a year since my last post and I can only say the service and quality of service is beyond a 5 star! - 10/29/2018

  • Robert Avatar
    5 star rating

    Used this mobile RV repair service today and received great service. Dealt with Dustin Simpson the owner who was professional, knowledgable and he repaired my electrical problem quickly. He was very fair on labor and mobile service fees. Will definitely use him in the future. He called back and showed up as promised which is a rarity these days. First class outfit. - 1/06/2016

  • Nicole Avatar
    5 star rating

    Our cousins were displaced because of the Paradise fires so we offered to bring them RV to use until they could get back to their homes, unfortunately the trailer needed a lot of work done. We took it to California RV Specialists and they were booked until late December. We explained that we were trying to get it up to our family in Paradise and they immediately went to work fixing things up. We couldn't thank them enough. - 11/15/2018

  • Pam Avatar
    5 star rating

    Great place to take your RV for repairs. Very honest staff and clean shop. Fast service and very knowledgeable. - 2/07/2017

  • Rich Avatar
    5 star rating

    Dustin and company are great. Extremely helpful and prices are very competitive, making it easy to support local business. Nice parts selection of commonly needed items. My first visit and will not be my last. - 9/26/2020

  • KevinandCindy Avatar

    positive review  The service was great. we have been looking for a switch and no one in Bakersfield had one. we stopped here while camping. They had the switch. We found other things. The Son and the owner were so helpful. They took the time to explain things and helped us with what we needed. Wish they were in Bakersfield. By the way we got the little trailer lights working.

    Thanks so much.
    The Barron's
    - 2/29/2020

  • Jaime Avatar
    5 star rating

    These guys came through for us during a recent rv trip. On our way up to Lassen NP, we stopped in Lodi for night, next morning our RV and tow vehicle had no rear brake lights and signals . It was Sunday, so we stayed extra night in Lodi and showed up first thing Monday morning with no appointment with my wife and kids. Although they were busy and had no appointments available that day, they offered to look at RV hoping it was just a fuse. Unfortunately it was not a fuse and after many hours of investigation, we discovered the turn signal assembly was bad. It was a team effort with me picking up the required parts, but we eventually got our little Spirit road worthy again and able to complete our 2 week long road trip around Ca. Owners were nice and gave our kids ice cream while we waited. They also have great prices on all RV parts and equipment. - 7/13/2020

  • Toni Avatar

    positive review  Dustin and his team are wonderful. We have been taking our trailer to them for years and have always done wonderful work. They are upfront and honost. We would recommend them to everyone that needs any type of service for their RV or trailer. - 8/20/2018

  • John Avatar

    positive review  Dustin took a lemon and made lemon aid out of our RV. Everyone there took time to explain each step of the process and made sure every step of the repair was completed to the best possible solution. Thank you to him and all of his crew for an excellent job, I am sure we will get many years of enjoyment. - 5/18/2016

  • Nicole Avatar
    5 star rating

    We took our RV in to have the dinette removed and replaced with a recliner/love seat and it turned out perfect. Every thing we dreamed it would be they delivered and more. They did outstanding work and are easy to work with. We don't know every one's name but thanks to Dustin (owner) and Zach you guys are awesome!!!!!! We HIGHLY recommend California RV Specialist they are amazing - 3/09/2018

  • paula Avatar
    5 star rating

    First time coming here and we are more than satisfied with the work that was done on our Tiffin motorhome. It's hard to trust anyone, but these guys get the job done in a fairly short time and with a great attitude! We will be coming here for routine maintenance and hopefully not too many fixes! ;) Thanks Dustin and crew! - 3/21/2018

  • Sarah Avatar

    positive review  These guys are truly the best. They’ve been able to help me out with my grooming van and fix several issues. Today they were even able to squeeze me in for an emergency appointment after a fender bender damaged the hose in my tub.
    The customer service here is unparalleled. They will always be my go to RV place and I’ll refer everyone I know to them.

    Thanks guys sooo much!!!

    Sarah the Pet Groomer 🐾
    - 12/16/2019

  • Mike Avatar
    5 star rating

    I brought my Lance cab-over camper in for a refrigerator repair. They had it fixed and out the door in less than 90 minutes, at a fair price. They have lots of parts and accessories for sale in their attached store as well. Very knowledgeable, professional and friendly folks, especially Ashley. I'd recommend them. - 2/13/2020

  • Teri Avatar

    positive review  The kindest, most helpful experts on RV repairs that we’ve found. Thank you. - 10/30/2018

  • Mike Avatar
    5 star rating

    This business has customer service as their fist priority. Outstanding service and knowledge, and they are always willing to help. They have earned my business 100%. Zach and Duane are great! Thank you, Mike K - 10/09/2018

  • Don Avatar
    5 star rating

    If you want a repair shop that's completely honest, knowledgeable, and willing to help you do it yourself, Dustin and his crew are the people to take your RV to. I trust them completely. Just want to remind people who own an RV that this is the place to take it whether you have regular maintenance needs, repairs to be done or upgrades that you want. They know what they're doing and most importantly you can trust them. They're so easy to talk to and willing to help. - 10/22/2018

  • Marlene Avatar

    positive review  Dustin and his crew are great. They upgraded the headlights on our Alpha which turned out awesome (see pictures). They resealed the roof cracks and joints to ensure we don't get leaks/water damage along with other repairs. Dustin very knowledgable and delivered as promised. We're ready to roll again!!! The "go to" RV repair guys (sounds like a TV commercial!)
    ......The Hoffmann's
    - 2/06/2016

  • Alinda Avatar
    5 star rating

    These guys saved the day! We were just passing through when our refrigerator went out. As full timers we like to take our time but were actually committed to a deadline for a change. Our call was returned promptly, the guys obviously work as a team, and we were back on the road in a few hours. They were prompt, professional, courteous, and obviously very knowledgeable. We highly recommend their work. Easy to find from 99 or I5. - 6/01/2017

  • Micheal Avatar

    Calif RV is the best they have done excellent work for me many times they do the work right and on time - 6/23/2017

  • Paige Avatar

    positive review  California RV Specialists is the only place to take your RV. They do quality work and are caring and competent and honest! We just purchased a new used 5th wheel and took it there to be inspected and solar panel installed. We are very pleased with the service we received. The staff is awesome!! - 10/21/2018

  • Zina Avatar
    5 star rating

    We are SO LUCKY to have found Dustin and crew at CalRv! We paid cash for a motorhome 2007 Monaco Diplomat and upon it being delivered we noticed it had a bit of a leaking problem. You cant even begin to imagine the amount of severe water damage the coach has! They knew exactly what to look for and trailed the water damage from more then 3 sources and and many many feet from the front going towards back of the coach! He found so much damage the rust was weakening the structurem. In addition he discovered fire hazards, and other mechanical failures that could have caused serious injury!! In addition, knowing where to look he found where pipes and other components that were hidden had been duct tape for a quick temporary fix!! Dustin could have turned his cheek and raked in the money fixing almost 25,000 or more in damages but his integrity, morals and values would not let him do that to me! He advised me to cut my losses and try and return the coach to the dealership that was less then honest when they were in the selling process and close the deal process with me. Thank you Calrv and Ashley for having such high integrity and caring more about your customers then making money!! I will be a forever customer!! - 4/02/2017

  • Gene Avatar
    5 star rating

    I took my Grand Design RV to California RV Specialists. I had originally taken the RV to the purchasing dealer in Livermore CA . The RV was at the Livermore office for nearly two months. Number of items still had not been repaired even though they said that it had been. I am happy to say California RV Specialist completed all the work on time and I had some extra things added and that also was completed on time and on budget. Special thanks to Dustin the owner and Will who did the work. I would recommend this company to anyone needing quality repair work done.Gene O - 1/23/2020

  • Heidi Avatar
    5 star rating

    We recently purchased a fifth wheel. We had to return it to the dealership for some warranty work, when we brought it home from them we discovered they had neglected to take out the lock bolts on our hitch. It completely destroyed the hitch on the fifth wheel and the hitch in my husband's truck. It was a Sunday, and we reached out to Dustin on social media because we were absolutely frantic and believe it or not he responded to us, he walked us through the entire situation... On a Sunday! We were able to get solid, comforting advice from him. It goes without saying that our coach will not be going back to said dealership, and that California RV specialist will be the only ones looking at it/working on it from here on out. As it matter of fact we are set to take it down there for him to start on/complete all the work that the dealership was supposed to do but did not. I repeat they did not do one of the things that were on our list... And they destroyed our hitch in the process-Dustin is conscientious, caring, and just a great human being as is the entire staff at California RV specialists. I would recommend them hands down over anyone in the area. - 3/06/2020

  • Lynn Avatar

    positive review  Very knowledgeable, friendly, reasonably priced, etc. Dustin is a wealth of knowledge! - 8/21/2018

  • Ted Avatar
    5 star rating

    Went here on a recommendation from a friend that had Dustin do repairs on his RV at a different business years ago. We had a slide problem on an upscale Monaco motor home and we were looking for someone with the experience and knowledge to do the job right. Dustin and his team went out of the way to treat us with first class service. His quote was right on and he even put in extra time at no charge to make sure the job would satisfy us. He has had 20 years experience and know his stuff. Along with a great customer relationship skill he is a top notch technician. Just what Lodi needed. - 6/19/2015

  • Michelle Avatar
    5 star rating

    I love to meet people who are honest and passionate about what they do. This was my experience with California RV Specialists. I brought our trailer in that had a leak in the back to get a quote because we weren't sure if we wanted to get it fixed or get rid of it. The owner took time to look it over and quote me but also took time to tell me all the ways I could do some of the work myself to save money. He also offered to have my husband come in so he could teach him what we talked about if needed. I left thinking how much they love what they do and how honest they are. These are quality's that mean a lot to me! We ended up having them fix the leak and they did a great job! I would send anyone and everyone over to them if they need any trailer or RV work done! Thanks guys! - 2/11/2020

  • Rick Avatar

    positive review  They were very professional and friendly. I highly recommend that you check with them for any parts or repairs. - 10/16/2019

  • Fire Avatar
    5 star rating

    Highly recommend for anyone needing repairs on their RV. Dustin and his team complete repairs quickly and efficiently. We have been very happy with the work Dustin has done for us! Everyone is nice and friendly and very knowledgeable. - 9/23/2016

  • Jeanette Avatar

    positive review  I was so impressed with the service that I got I will not take my RV anywhere else. Dustin and the crew were so helpful and friendly. - 2/06/2017

  • Jared Avatar
    5 star rating

    The California RV Specialists team strive to meet the ideals of professionalism on every level. We dropped off our weekend warrior toy hauler for a major overhaul. They fixed our front end which had water damage, serviced all appliances, new suspension, new breaks, spot seal roof/body, LED lights, and new batteries. The trailer looks amazing and tows like a champion. If you are looking for a kind, honest and caring team to trust with your RV, these guys are your answer. They are very attentive -(considering my wife would call Scott on average at least 3 times a day!) we are planning to drop off our toy hauler every winter so they can keep up the superior work they completed. - 4/06/2017

  • Lori Avatar

    positive review  Unprecedented attention to detail and customer service. Very fair pricing. - 5/30/2020