For most of us, the suspension is out of sight and out of mind — even though your driving performance, safety and comfort are all riding on those components. We install aftermarket Anti-Sway Bars, Davis Tru Trac and Exact Center from Roadmaster.

Do you experience any of the following? Body roll’ when cornering? Does driving for an extended period of time leave you physically exhausted? Is your rig all over the road and you can’t keep it between the lines? Would you lose control if one of the front tires blew out? Does the steering wheel have a mind of its own? Do passing 18-wheelers and crosswinds rock your vehicle back and forth? Is driving a ‘white knuckle’ experience?

Anti-Sway Bar – By Roadmaster

Virtually eliminate ‘body roll’ (the vehicle rolls from side to side, especially during cornering). Anti-sway bars stabilize the vehicle, which keeps it level through crosswinds, as well as dramatically improving overall handling.

Davis Tru Trac – by Roadmaster

Drastically reduce ‘wander’ (the steering feels loose, making it difficult — and physically exhausting — to keep the vehicle in a straight line).

Davis Tru Trac

Exact Center Steering Satabilizer – By Roadmaster

Front tire blow out protection. Stabilizers also automatically compensate for oversteer caused by pot holes, rut tracks and other unfavorable road conditions.

Exact Center

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