Blowout can be a frightening experience if you are driving or towing a large RV. It can cause some major damage to the vehicle as tire treads come flying off. Below are some examples of damage that can happen to electrical wiring, LP lines, appliances, fender skirts, undercarriage, and side walls of your RV.

Tire blowouts can be prevented by performing a few basic checks and some regular maintenance.

Here are some reasons why RV tires blow out and how can you prevent it?

  • Checking for wear and tear causing tire damage
  • Checking for incorrect tire pressures
  • Checking for too much weight in and on the RV
  • Checking the tires were not replaced on schedule

Total Loss From Tire Damage

Th unit was totaled by the insurance company. It pulled out wiring from the walls clear up to the ceiling, damaged the converter, most of the 12 volt wiring in the area was pulled out and melted, damaged the lp lines, damaged plumbing line, furnace and ducting, refrigerator wiring, vacuum bonded flooring, cabinets and more.

Hidden impact damage from tire blowout

Minor tire blowout damage

Major tire blowout damage