Properly maintaining your slide outs is all about preventative maintenance, to prevent failures, diagnosis, and major repairs regular maintenance is required. Owning an RV can be fun, but what happens when your slide out is stuck in the in or out position? Lack of maintenance can cause major damage, in some cases requiring the room to be removed for repairs, damages or even for replacing the carpet or repairing linoleum.

Here are some pictures why it’s so important to have your slide-out inspection performed once a year.

Protect Your Slide-Out Floor

Protect the linoleum in your RV from being damaged by your slide out.

Talkin’ RV Tech – When do I release my RV slide-out button?

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When do I release my RV slide-out button?

Slide-Out Water Damage Wall

Grand Design RV – Slide-Out Water Damage

Slide Out Rooms – Removal

Sometimes must be done for a number of reasons. Roller issues, flooring replacement or repairs, water damage, flood damage, box or wall repairs.

Slide Out Seal – Maintenance

Your slide out seals are pieces of rubber that surround the edges of the slide and create a suction seal around the slides when they are pulled in. This prevents debris and the elements from entering your RV. The seals are relatively low maintenance, but they will need to be inspected periodically for signs of excessive wear or damage. In addition, you will need to clean the seals from time to time. This will prevent a build-up of dirt and debris along the tracks, which can cause the slide out to malfunction.

Slide Out – Wall Damage

Does your slide out have a slide out topper? If so, you will want to remove vinyl slide out awning topper to inspect for failed sealants and for any damage every 12-24 months. Here are some pictures of damage cause from neglect.

Dirty and lack of maintenance on slide-out.

Slide Out – Mechanical Components Maintenance

You will want to keep an eye out for any abnormalities that could occur. When you are moving the slide, listen for strange noises that could indicate mechanical issues. Some squeaking and whining is normal when moving your slide in or out, but if the noise is excessive or different than usual.