Lack of RV slide out maintenance can cause major damage, in some cases requiring additional diagnosis and even requiring the room to be removed for repairs, to fix damages or even for replacing the carpet or repairing linoleum. Like any mechanical component, slide-outs can sometimes experience issues or require maintenance. Here are some common RV slide-out problems and potential repairs:

***Super Slide-Out / Full Wall Slide-Outs***

If your repairs require the need to remove a Super/Full Wall Slide-out this will require you to make an appointment with the manufacture. For safety reasons , and due to out facility we are not equipped to handle such a massive undertaking!

How to prevent MAJOR water damage to your RV slide-out roof!

A straight time operation, whether it is for diagnosis, repair(s), or some other strange circumstance, are labor rates that are subject to change. These changes are determined due to the time and materials required to complete the job at hand. All labor charges are based on the actual time the technician has spent working on your vehicle/unit. Furthermore, there may be parts that must be replaced for further testing or diagnosis.

All below lines are considered a straight time operation.

  1. Slide-Out Alignment Issues:
    • Problem: The slide-out may become misaligned, causing it to operate unevenly or get stuck.
    • Possible Repairs:
      • Check for any obstructions in the slide-out mechanism.
      • Inspect the slide-out rails for damage or misalignment.
      • Adjust the slide-out alignment using the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  2. Slide-Out Motor or Mechanism Failure:
    • Problem: The motor or mechanism responsible for extending and retracting the slide-out may fail.
    • Possible Repairs:
      • Check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers.
      • Inspect the motor and gears for damage.
      • Lubricate moving parts according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
      • Replace the motor or repair the mechanism if necessary.
  3. Seal and Weather Stripping Issues:
    • Problem: Leaks can occur if the seals or weather stripping around the slide-out are damaged or worn.
    • Possible Repairs:
      • Inspect the seals and weather stripping for cracks or deterioration.
      • Clean and lubricate the seals regularly.
      • Replace damaged seals or weather stripping.
  4. Slide-Out Room Leaks:
    • Problem: Water may penetrate the slide-out room, leading to damage and mold.
    • Possible Repairs:
      • Inspect the roof and sidewalls for leaks.
      • Seal any gaps or cracks with appropriate sealants.
      • Check the slide-out seals and replace if necessary.
  5. Electrical Issues:
    • Problem: Electrical problems can prevent the slide-out from functioning correctly.
    • Possible Repairs:
      • Inspect the wiring for loose connections or damage.
      • Test the switch and control module for proper functioning.
      • Check the battery voltage and connection to ensure it’s providing sufficient power.
  6. Slide-Out Room Adjustment:
    • Problem: The slide-out room may need adjustment to ensure a proper seal and alignment.
    • Possible Repairs:
      • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for adjusting the slide-out room.
      • Check for any obstructions in the slide-out pathway.
  7. Hydraulic System Issues (if applicable):
    • Problem: Some RVs use hydraulic systems for slide-outs, and issues can arise with pumps, hoses, or hydraulic fluid.
    • Possible Repairs:
      • Inspect hydraulic fluid levels and top up if necessary.
      • Check for leaks in hoses and replace damaged components.
      • Test and, if needed, replace the hydraulic pump.
RV Slide-Out Hydraulic Leak

RV Slide-Out Maintenance

Protect Your Slide-Out Floor

Protect the linoleum in your RV from being damaged by your slide out.

Prevent damaging your RV slide-out from rocking in travel!

Talkin’ RV Tech – When do I release my RV slide-out button?

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Slide-Out Water Damage Wall

Grand Design RV – Slide-Out Water Damage

Slide Out Rooms – Removal

Sometimes must be done for a number of reasons. Roller issues, flooring replacement or repairs, water damage, flood damage, box or wall repairs.

Slide Out Seal – Maintenance

Your slide out seals are pieces of rubber that surround the edges of the slide and create a suction seal around the slides when they are pulled in. This prevents debris and the elements from entering your RV. The seals are relatively low maintenance, but they will need to be inspected periodically for signs of excessive wear or damage. In addition, you will need to clean the seals from time to time. This will prevent a build-up of dirt and debris along the tracks, which can cause the slide out to malfunction.

Slide Out – Wall Damage

Does your slide out have a slide out topper? If so, you will want to remove vinyl slide out awning topper to inspect for failed sealants and for any damage every 12-24 months. Here are some pictures of damage cause from neglect.

Dirty and lack of maintenance on slide out

Slide Out – Mechanical Components Maintenance

You will want to keep an eye out for any abnormalities that could occur. When you are moving the slide, listen for strange noises that could indicate mechanical issues. Some squeaking and whining is normal when moving your slide in or out, but if the noise is excessive or different than usual.

RV Slide-Out Maintenance Tips

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