Investing in an RV pin box can indeed contribute to a smoother and more comfortable ride. The pin box is a crucial component that connects the fifth-wheel trailer to the tow vehicle. Here are some benefits and considerations:

  1. Improved Towing Stability:
    • Upgrading to a high-quality pin box can enhance the stability of your RV during towing. It can help reduce swaying and bouncing, providing a more controlled and comfortable ride.
  2. Reduced Chucking and Jarring:
    • Chucking refers to the back-and-forth movement between the RV and the tow vehicle, and a quality pin box can help minimize this effect. This reduction in jarring can lead to a smoother experience for both the driver and passengers.
  3. Enhanced Maneuverability:
    • Some pin boxes come with features that improve the maneuverability of the RV, making it easier to navigate and park.
  4. Better Weight Distribution:
    • Certain pin box designs help distribute the weight of the RV more evenly, improving overall balance and reducing the strain on the tow vehicle.
  5. Options for Air Ride or Shock Absorption:
    • Some advanced pin box systems incorporate air ride or shock absorption technology. This can further reduce vibrations and enhance ride comfort by cushioning the impact from uneven roads.
  6. Compatibility with Your RV Model:
    • When considering a pin box upgrade, ensure compatibility with your specific RV model. Different RVs may require different types of pin boxes, so consult your RV’s manufacturer or a specialist for guidance.
  7. Professional Installation:
    • For optimal performance, it’s recommended to have the new pin box professionally installed. This ensures proper alignment and adjustment for your specific RV.

Before making a purchase, research different pin box options, read reviews from other RVers, and consider your specific towing needs and RV model. Investing in a quality pin box can significantly improve your overall towing experience and contribute to a more enjoyable journey on the road.

These are the top brands that represent the best Curt, MORryde, Lippert, Gen-Y and Resse.


CURT® Rota-Flex™ 5th wheel pin box.

The Rota-Flex features a pivoting head that controls back and forth movement of the king pin within the hitch. Which reduces chucking and leads to a smoother ride.


CURT M15 Air Ride™ Pin Box.

The Air Ride incorporates an internal air bag and built-in strut that absorbs road shock and vibration. Which reduces chucking, jarring, and bouncing, providing a smooth ride.


CURT L05 Flex Air® Pin Box

The Flex Air features an internal air bag and built-in strut that both collaborate with a rubberized pivoting head. This reduce chucking and virtually eliminate bounce and jarring. Giving you a smooth ride that keeps things in control through the harshness of rugged roads.


Gooseneck Connect™ 21K

Connect pin box won’t sacrifice truck bed space when combined with a Gooseneck hitch.


It moves back-and-forth and side-to-side. This helps to absorb the transfer of energy from the trailer to your truck for a smoother in-cab ride.