Catastrophic Damage to a Grand Design Reflection – Part 1

In this episode, we take you behind the scenes to explore a major issue with a 2022 Grand Design Reflection 31MB. The entire back wall has broken loose, and our team is on the case to investigate the extent of the damage.

Section 1: Investigating the Damage

Witness the inspection and initial findings:

Join Dustin and the Techs:

Follow along as Dustin and our skilled technicians delve into the problem, checking underneath the skirting to assess the catastrophic damage.

Initial Discovery:

The broken back wall is just the beginning. Our team uncovers more issues as they dig deeper into the unit’s condition.

Section 2: The Extent of the Damage

Unveiling the full scope of the issue:

Under the Skirting:

See what lies beneath as our team lifts the skirting and reveals the true extent of the damage to the 2022 Grand Design Reflection 31MB.

Expert Analysis:

Our experts provide insights into the potential causes and implications of the damage, offering a comprehensive look at what needs to be addressed.

Section 3: Stay Tuned for More

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