Grand Design RV Disaster – Part 2:

In Part 2 of our RV Back Wall Disaster series, Dustin and Ashley dive deeper into the structural damage plaguing this 2022 Grand Design Reflection 31MB. The issues are more extensive than initially thought, affecting both the interior and exterior of the unit.

Section 1: Revealing Structural Damage

Investigating the structural issues:

Inside and Out:

Dustin and Ashley explore the obvious structural damage to the unit, revealing problems both inside and outside.

Agitating Wall:

The wall between two slide-outs moves over an inch when the slide-out is operated, indicating severe instability.

Section 2: Detailing the Damage

Examining specific issues in the unit:

Metal Shavings:

Metal shavings are found on the floor, suggesting wear and tear that could lead to further problems.

Loose Moldings:

Batten moldings are coming loose, compromising the unit’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Refrigerator Rub Marks:

Rub marks from the refrigerator indicate misalignment and potential damage to interior components.

Section 3: Stay Tuned for Part 3

Follow the ongoing investigation and repair:

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The story of the 2022 Grand Design Reflection 31MB’s back wall disaster continues to unfold. Join us as we expose the extent of the damage and work towards comprehensive repairs. Like and subscribe to stay updated on this ongoing series and more RV repair insights.

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