Making sure that the towable trailer brakes and suspension are in good working condition is key for any RV trip!

Anytime you hook up your towable trailer and hit the road, you’re putting a lot of faith in your wheel bearings, brakes and overall suspension. When any of these items stop working, it can end your adventure fast.

Brakes should be inspected every 12 months or every 12,000 miles, whatever comes first. Contact us to setup an appointment to schedule maintenance for your wheel bearings, brakes and suspension inspection.

Common causes of brakes not working properly are:

  • Poor connections
  • Failed brake shoes
  • Insufficient wire size
  • Broken wires hanging below the axle
  • Improperly set up brake controller
  • Internally shorted magnets
  • Defective controller
  • Brake wire shorted to ground somewhere in the system
  • Corrosion between the ground wire and the brake wire in the electrical connector plug

While properly greased wheel bearings help your wheels spin freely, faulty wheel bearings can do the
exact opposite. Without properly working wheel bearings, you won’t be pulling your trailer very far. At best, the wheels could seize up, which can leave you stranded on the side of the road or at your campsite. Worst case, those wheels could lock up while you’re on the highway going 60 MPH. Both options are not ideal. See our SERVICE MENU for pricing on our wheel bearing pack service.

RV Suspension Inspection – Found Damage on Unit

Leading companies that offer the a flex system are dexter axle and lippert components both kits come with wetbolt hardware that also allow grease to be injected into friction points.

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