Airbags vs. SumoSprings

The Origins of SumoSprings

Pickup truck suspension enhancement – Would you like a maintenance-free airbag that does not leak? SumoSprings were engineered with this primary goal! SumoSprings provide users load support using an air spring with a progressive spring rate. The progressive property of the spring means you get support when you need it; more support when the spring is under more load. SumoSprings assist to reduce side-to-side body roll, resulting in a more stable, safer driving experience. SumoSprings increase your vehicle’s ride comfort due to their superior damping properties (they absorb and dissipate shock and energy). They require zero maintenance and will never leak.

SumoSprings Rebel

Unlike an airbag, where all of the air is contained within a single or double compartment, SumoSprings are constructed with tens of thousands of tiny, individual, closed micro-cellular urethane air cells. By eliminating a central chamber of air, SumoSprings Rebel kits feature a unique two piece unit allowing unlimited vertical travel for off-road and uneven terrain applications. Traditional airbags restrict this vertical movement and only allow for how far the bag can stretch (typically 10%).

SuperSpring vs. SumoSprings