Water Intrusion Behind RV Decals

Join Dustin In The RV Shop as he explains more about Water intrusion and why it is a common concern for RV owners, and one of the areas where it can sneak in unnoticed is behind decals. These decorative stickers not only add personality to your RV but can also become a potential entry point for water.

Here are some tips to address and prevent water getting behind RV decals:

Regular Inspection:
Make it a habit to inspect your RV decals regularly, especially after heavy rain or washing. Look for any signs of peeling, lifting, or discoloration, as these could indicate water penetration.

Sealant Maintenance:
The key to preventing water intrusion is maintaining a robust seal around the decals. Use a high-quality RV sealant that adheres well to both the decal and the RV surface. Check and reapply sealant as needed to ensure a watertight barrier.

Addressing Damaged Decals:
If you notice any damaged or peeling decals, address them promptly. Remove the affected decal, clean the area thoroughly, and apply a new one if necessary. This helps prevent further water damage and maintains the aesthetic appeal of your RV.

Proactive Protection:
Consider applying a clear, protective film over your decals. This thin layer acts as an additional barrier, shielding the decals from direct exposure to the elements and reducing the risk of water seepage.

Avoid High-Pressure Washing:
While it’s essential to keep your RV clean, avoid using high-pressure washers directly on the decals. The force of the water could cause the edges to lift, creating potential entry points for water.

Parking Considerations:
When parking your RV, choose spots that minimize exposure to the elements. Positioning your RV away from areas prone to heavy rain or where water may accumulate can reduce the risk of water infiltration.

DIY Repairs:
If you identify water behind a decal, act quickly to prevent further damage. Gently peel back the affected area, allow it to dry thoroughly, and reseal with appropriate adhesive or sealant. Ensure the area is completely dry before reapplying the decal.

DIY Prevention Materials and Tools Needed:

Geocel RV Sealant  – Available Colors – White, Clear, Almond, Black & Bright White
Caulking gun dripless – Newborn Caulking Guns
Body solvent cleaner – Kent Automotive
Painter’s tape – Scotch Brand
Plastic caulk remover tool – CR Laurence 

By staying vigilant and taking proactive measures, you can protect your RV decals from water intrusion, preserving both the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of your recreational vehicle.

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