Making sure that the brakes and suspension are in good working condition is key for any RV.

With that said a lot of braking and suspension systems go unchecked and cause accidents and trailer fires. We want to make sure this is prevented so trips can be enjoyed with family and friends.

Trailer brakes should be inspected every 12 months or 12k miles to prevent the damages in pictures shown below. Contact us to setup a appointment to have your brakes checked.

Common causes of brakes not working properly are:

• Poor connections
• Failed brake shoes
• Insufficient wire size
• Broken wires hanging below the axle
• Improperly set up brake controller

• Internally shorted magnets
• Defective controller
• Brake wire shorted to ground somewhere in the system
• Corrosion between the ground wire and the brake wire in the electrical connector plug

Are you not sure if your brakes are working properly?

Give us a call and bring it in to have us inspect them. We check everything top to bottom to make sure you have a safe and fun trip.

Standard suspension causes your trailer to feel like an earthquake going down the road. It also tears down all the interior inside the trailer over time. Causing cabinets to fall apart and cabinet doors to fall off. But there is a remedy! Dexter Axle offers what is called E-Z Flex suspension, which provides a smoother ride.

Road shock should be absorbed by your suspension, not transferred to your precious cargo. The E-Z Flex rubberized suspension system completes this task with flying colors. E-Z Flex was formulated to absorb road vibrations and protect your cargo. E-Z Flex also helps reduce fore to aft trailer movement, otherwise knows as, “chucking.” The rougher the road conditions, the better the system performs.

Not only does E-Z Flex virtually eliminate damage to your trailer caused by road shock and vibrations, but it protects your precious cargo as well.

Leading companies that offer the a flex system are dexter axle and lippert components both kits come with wetbolt hardware that also allow grease to be injected into friction points.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call.