RV Water Heater Service

Keeping up on your appliance services is very critical to the life expectancy. Over time mineral deposits and debris build up and will cause damage and odor in your hot water heater system. Servicing your hot water heater is very simple, with a few easy steps you can do it yourself.


Before servicing the water heater yourself you will want to make sure the water heater is cooled down, Open the pressure relief valve to depressurize the tank, Remove the anode rod with a 11/16 deep socket, Water will come rushing out along with lime scale and debris, this is normal. You will then want to put a flusher on the end of your water hose and work it inside the tank to continue to flush out all the sediment and debris.

Remove and inspect the pressure relief valve for corrosion on the inside. If your seeing green and white sediments inside you will want to change it. Replace/Reinstall the anode rod, Blow out the burner chambers and water heater

Some water heaters are also equipped with a electric heater element, you are going to need a special wrench. It’s a 1 1/2 inch socket with a very thin wall designed to get into the recessed nut. You will need to remove the gas burner by loosening a couple of 7/16 nuts. One holds the burners end in place and the other attaches the gas tubing to the supply line. Remove them and gently wiggle the burner tube free. Once the burner is out of the way it will allow access to the three flat head screws holding the electric elements plastic cover. Remove this to expose the element and its electrical wiring. Then with a Philips screwdriver remove the two AC wires from the element terminals.

• Clean pilot, ignitor and burner assembly.
• Clean nests, bugs, webs and debris.
• Drain water heater tank and flush system.
• Test pop off valve and inspect anode rod condition.
• Suburban MFG – Anode rod not included.