Understanding how Solar works and how much Solar you might need,

We understand that RV solar can be confusing and get pretty expensive depending on what you are trying to run off it. We are here to help you. Below is some info that might be useful to you.



The images above show you how a typical RV solar system is setup and how it works.


Now, Lets get the to most asked question in the RV community,  “Can I run air conditioners with just RV solar?”

This is the question I am asked everyday and I have always responded with a “NO” since I felt it wasn’t realistic based on the battery banks, inverter and solar panels required. But times have changed and we have become more advanced in batteries and solar. So If your serious about boon docking and have the budget for the setup it can be done.

Granted I have been very curious so I started researching what would be needed and listed them below,

1) 13.5k air conditioner  Coleman Mach 3 P.S 41 LRA

The Locked Rotor Amps (LRA) refers to the power draw of the initial startup.  Once the Air Conditioner has been run the first time, the oil will be out of the compressor and the coils will be saturated.  This means the compressor will need less power than the initial 61a when the A/C starts back up in order to keep the RV cool.

The EasyStart 3T will provide a minimum of a 50% decrease in the Locked Rotor Amp (LRA), bringing the A/C amp spike to (or below) 31a. installed this product should allow you to run our A/C using the inverter without spiking past the inverter’s 40a max

2) 960watt solar panel kit (Go Power, Samlex, Zamp etc)

3) 9KW Lithium Battery Bank Lithionics Battery (700 amp hours minimum)

The lithium batteries and the NeverDie BMS are built for applications just like this. You will not do any harm to the lithium batteries by running the RV air conditioner. As long as the battery has ample charge you can run the AC for hours.

700 amp hours is minimum and you will have issues with moderate cloud cover.  If you’ve got the budget I’d consider stepping up to 900+ amp hours and if you wish to run an A/C day and night you’ll probably want to have at least 2000ah of power.

4) Magnum Hybrid 3000 watt Pure Sine Inverter

The 12v Inverters, including the hybrid inverter, are equipped for a maximum surge of 40 amps and the A/C unit draws a minimum of 61 amps while the compressor turns on.


Also upon searching I came across another system by Volta Power Systems