A reminder to clean your RV’s fresh water tank every six months

I always refer to your RV’s fresh water tank as a dirty fish tank. Think of all the slime and bacteria growing in RV tanks and water lines. Whenever you go camping you’re getting water from a bunch of different sources. Well water, private land or even city water all have different chemicals and minerals in them. This is just another reason to clean and sanitize your RV’s fresh water tank and associated fresh water lines.

Here is a basic example of a fresh water tank system.


Your RV’s fresh water tank and lines need to be sanitized at least once every six months. It should be part of every RV’s maintenance schedule. Sanitizing your RV’s fresh water tank and associated fresh water lines is easy, but it does take a little time. The most important thing is to wait the appropriate amount of time for the tank to be properly sanitized.

Cleaning the galley faucet.
Cleaning the bathroom faucet.

If you NEVER drink water out of your fresh water tank then you might think that you never have to sanitize it. However, if you use water from your fresh water tank for any purpose, and/or if you just want to make sure your water lines are sanitized, you should periodically sanitize the RV fresh water system.

Thetford’s Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer is designed to clean and disinfect the fresh water tanks in RVs, campers and boats. Over time, these tanks can accumulate sediment, bacteria, and other contaminants, making it necessary to sanitize them periodically to ensure the water remains safe and clean for consumption and use.

Use this every six months and you’ll keep your tanks as good as new.

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