Concerns during RV LP safety inspection, and best LP safety gadget

Join me in the video below as I discuss some concerns I have during this RV LP safety inspection. In it, we are looking at a 2021 Alliance fifth wheel, and what I found and what I would do differently.

During my inspection, I found the LP lines rubbing on areas of the frame.

Hose is rubbing on leveling jack bracket.

Found the LP hoses hanging underneath the skirting.

I found the LP supply line was not crimped that well on connection to the regulator.
Top of hose crimp connection is faulty and unreliable in connection to regulator.

In addition to this, wiring in looms that hang on both sides of the unit were draped over the LP tanks and across the compartment door.

The wiring hanging over the LP tank has to be lifted to an operator or removed for filling up.

We offer these exterior evaluations to help prevent damage and to protect RV owners. My main concerns are safety and preventing a dangerous problem from happening.

Most RVers nowadays travel with propane on to keep the refrigerator cold while traveling. In the event of a line leak or if something hits the hoses, it could cause damage!

What is there to protect RVers in travel? The answer is GasStop! Obviously, the above issues need to be corrected, but for those of you who didn’t know, this gadget is available to help protect you.

Device-for RV ACME type connections.

Because this is a towable unit that has double cylinders, a GasStop would need to be installed directly onto each cylinder.

GasStop is an emergency 100% shut-off device for bottled and portable gas systems. In the event of a major leak, GasStop will instantly and automatically shut off the flow of gas.

Example on a travel trailer.

If you’re unsure about the LP gas level or if you suspect any issues with your RV’s gas system, it’s recommended to consult your RV’s owner’s manual, seek assistance from a qualified RV technician, or visit an RV service center for professional help. Remember that LP gas can be hazardous if not handled properly, so safety should always be a priority.

We would also recommend that you have a yearly LP gas inspection and see your owner’s manual for further recommendations. We hope this information helps serve as a reminder and keeps you out traveling safely.

GasStop Products:

  • GSUSA1 – GasStop Propane 100% Emergency Shut-Off Safety Device [Class A & Class C]. Click here.
  • GSUSA2 – GasStop Propane 100% Emergency Shut-Off Safety Device [Travel Trailers & 5th Wheels]. Click here.
  • GasGear by GasStop RV 90 Degree Braided Stainless Steel Propane Pigtail Hose. Click here.

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