Holding tank sensor maintenance

I’m sure at some point you’ve emptied your tanks only to find that your sensors are reading full. RVs require maintenance, and this includes your holding tanks, too! Over time, holding tank sensor probes build up with sludge/scum and this is what causes incorrect readings.

I want to introduce you to Thetford’s Level Gauge Cleaner. It is specially formulated to dissolve tissue, waste, sludge and soap scum buildup. The 100 percent biodegradable liquid works with both black and gray water tanks on all RVs. The Level Gauge Cleaner prevents buildups and restores level sensor operation fast.


Here are some additional highlights of Thetford’s Level Gauge Cleaner:

VERSATILITY: Thetford’s Level Gauge Cleaner is designed to work with all RVs.

FUNCTIONALITY: Dissolves tissue sludge and soap scum buildups, restoring level sensor operation fast.

UTILITY: Prevents buildups on probes and tanks when used regularly.

CONVENIENCE: Formulated to work with gray and black water tanks.

SAFETY: Level Gauge Cleaner is 100% biodegradable.

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