How to prevent damage to your RV furniture

Why is my RV furniture CRACKING, PEELING, or looking like hell?! Most RV furniture isn’t necessarily known for its durable, long-lasting construction. In fact, it carries quite the reputation for flaking, peeling, and tearing—even after minimal use. 

Why is RV furniture so easily damaged?

I was recently approached by one of the top RV furniture manufacturers. They asked me to carry their products in our store. I asked them, “Have you seen your furniture after it’s been in an RV?” My shop sees around 25-35 units a week. It doesn’t matter the year, make or model, most of them have damaged or blemished furniture after time and use. 

The RV furniture manufacturer explained that “RV manufacturers purchase the cheapest quality of RV furniture that we can produce. They do this to save money.”


When I told them that I wasn’t interested in carrying cheap furniture in my store, the furniture manufacturer said, “No, we want you to carry our aftermarket furniture. This furniture is more like a ‘La-Z-Boy’ and it’s better constructed. We use better materials that last a lot longer than the standard stuff that we sell to the RV manufacturers. When customers come in with damaged furniture, you would certainly have the opportunity to sell them better quality furniture.”

The key is maintenance!

No, thank you! I am not in the furniture business. I am in the repairs and maintenance business. Here is my advice on protecting and maintaining what you have:  

Everything from the oil in your skin, the products we wear (lotions and potions), sun exposure, moisture in the RV, and storage temperatures can cause the materials on your RV furniture to break down. I recommend doing a regular cleaning. Wiping off furniture with 303 Leather 3-In-1 Complete Care to regularly remove sand, dirt, and other grime that finds its way onto your furniture. One of the best ways to maximize the longevity of your furniture is to keep it clean because when oils, dirt, and other residues have time to sit and soak into your furniture, the quicker those materials break down. 

This product works great for cleaning your RV! If you’re tired of seeing tired, worn-out furniture, use 303 Leather 3-In-1 Complete Care. You can also use 303 Leather Cleaner Step 1, which cleans and preps the RV furniture surfaces, and then 303 Leather Conditioner Step 2 which conditions and protects.

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