How to clean and prep RV roof sealants and surface before resealing

An RV owner in one of my Facebook groups posted the below photo and wrote, “Can I get some info on the product needed and tips for fixing this, please?” She wanted to know how to clean and prep RV roof sealants before beginning the resealing process.

Picture provided by Sally R. in the Grand Design RV Owners – In The RV Shop Group.

If you find yourself asking: How do I clean and prep the roof sealants and surface before resealing with Alpha or Dicor self-leveling sealant?—I have answers.

Cleaning your RV roof sealants and or surface before resealing

  • Sweep or blow off anything on the roof surface.
  • Once the surface is clean from debris, you can wipe down the area with Acrysol body de-greaser or mineral spirits to clean the surface. Acrysol will remove any of the old dirt and oils from the roof and sealant surface.
  • If there is anything loose, you will need to remove it prior to sealing. If the molding is loose, you will need to secure it back in place before resealing.
  • When everything is secured properly, then you are ready to begin the resealing process.

Once you have the sealants cleaned to your desired level, you can then start the sealing process.

Make sure that anything loose gets scraped off.

DIY product links:

  • Here is a link for Acrysol
  • Scraper tool blue CRL stick
  • Tapered tip stick and handle
  • The best caulking gun
  • Dicor self-leveling lap sealant

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