Tongue Jack for A-Frame Trailers

The heart of any travel trailer is its hitching system, and for A-frame travel trailers, the Lippert Power Tongue Jack stands out as a game-changer. This innovative jack system not only streamlines the hitching and leveling process but also enhances convenience for RV owners. When it comes to expert installation and guidance on the Lippert Power Tongue Jack, California RV Specialists are the go-to professionals. In this article, we explore the benefits of this advanced jack system and how California RV Specialists ensure a seamless integration for A-frame travel trailers.

The Lippert Power Tongue Jack Advantage:

The Lippert Power Tongue Jack is a powerful and efficient electric jack designed to lift and lower the tongue of A-frame travel trailers with ease. With a simple push-button operation, RV owners can hitch and unhitch their trailers quickly and effortlessly. This electric jack system eliminates the manual effort traditionally required for cranking, providing a more convenient and user-friendly experience.

Installation Process at California RV Specialists:

  1. Comprehensive Trailer Assessment: The installation process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the A-frame travel trailer. California RV Specialists evaluate the trailer’s specifications, weight, and hitching requirements to ensure that the Lippert Power Tongue Jack is a suitable and compatible upgrade.
  2. Selection of Lippert Power Tongue Jack Model: California RV Specialists assist RV owners in selecting the appropriate model of the Lippert Power Tongue Jack based on the trailer’s specifications. This ensures that the jack system aligns with the weight capacity and other unique features of the A-frame travel trailer.
  3. Professional Installation: The Lippert Power Tongue Jack is then professionally installed by certified technicians at California RV Specialists. This involves mounting the jack securely to the A-frame of the trailer, ensuring stability and durability. Wiring is connected to the RV’s electrical system to power the electric jack.
  4. Testing and Calibration: The installation process to ensure that the Lippert Power Tongue Jack operates smoothly and efficiently. California RV Specialists calibrate the system to guarantee accurate and responsive lifting and lowering actions, providing RV owners with confidence in the performance of their new jack.
  5. User Guidance: As part of their service, California RV Specialists provide user guidance on the operation of the Lippert Power Tongue Jack. RV owners are familiarized with the control panel, safety features, and proper maintenance practices to ensure the longevity of the electric jack.

Benefits of Lippert Power Tongue Jack Installation:

  1. Convenience and Time Savings: The electric operation of the Lippert Power Tongue Jack eliminates the manual cranking process, saving RV owners time and effort during hitching and leveling.
  2. User-Friendly Operation: The simple push-button operation makes the Lippert Power Tongue Jack user-friendly, even for those new to RVing. This contributes to a stress-free and enjoyable experience.
  3. Enhanced Safety: The Lippert Power Tongue Jack is equipped with safety features such as an emergency brake and automatic stop, enhancing safety during operation. This reduces the risk of accidents and damage.
  4. Compatibility with A-Frame Trailers: Specifically designed for A-frame travel trailers, the Lippert Power Tongue Jack seamlessly integrates with these trailers, providing a customized and optimized hitching solution.
  5. Durability and Reliability: The professional installation by California RV Specialists ensures that the Lippert Power Tongue Jack is securely mounted and wired for long-term durability. RV owners can trust in the reliability of this advanced jack system.

California RV Specialists’ proficiency in installing the Lippert Power Tongue Jack for A-frame travel trailers elevates the hitching and leveling experience for RV owners. As the demand for convenience and efficiency in RV travel grows, the Lippert Power Tongue Jack emerges as a valuable upgrade. Trust in the expertise of California RV Specialists to seamlessly integrate this advanced jack system, enhancing the overall enjoyment and ease of your A-frame travel trailer adventures.

Lippert Components Power Tongue Jack for A-Frame Travel, Cargo, and Utility Trailers

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