RV Gear & Gadgets

Elevating Convenience: Installing the Lippert Power Tongue Jack for A-Frame Travel at California RV Specialists

The heart of any travel trailer is its hitching system, and for A-frame travel trailers, the Lippert Power Tongue Jack stands out as a game-changer. This innovative jack system not only streamlines the hitching and […]

RV Upgrades & Accessories

Tire Safety Elevated: Installing Tire LINC Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System at California RV Specialists

Ensuring the safety and performance of an RV involves more than just the mechanics of the vehicle itself. Tire health is a critical aspect that directly impacts the overall safety and efficiency of RV travel. […]

RV Leveling

Elevate Your RV Experience: Installing EQ System RV Leveling Jacks at California RV Specialists

Introduction: California, with its diverse landscapes and scenic routes, is a haven for RV enthusiasts. Exploring the Golden State in your recreational vehicle (RV) is an adventure like no other, but maintaining stability and leveling […]