RV slide out locks prevent damage to your slide outs during travel

Join me in the video below as I explain how to use a slide out lock made by American Technology. These locks are typically used to secure a slide in a fixed position. It’s a mechanism designed to prevent the sliding portion of an RV from moving, providing an additional level of stability.

Having one of these locks will maintain the integrity of the external water and dust seal so travelers will arrive at their destination knowing that their RV will be clean and dry.

Slide out locks come in three standard sizes that easily adjust:

  • SL-1323-1C: 13-Inch Compressed Length; 23-Inch Extended Length
  • SL-1734-1C: 17-Inch Compressed Length; 34-Inch Extended Length
  • SL-2444-1C: 24-Inch Compressed Length; 44-Inch Extended Length

If you have a specific slide out lock from American Technology that you’d like more information about, I recommend referring to the manufacturer’s documentation or contacting their customer support for detailed instructions and guidance on how to use the lock effectively and safely.

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