If you haven’t heard RV catalytic converter theft is a major problem on trucks and motorhomes. We wanted to introduce you to a product we sell and install called the CatStrap™. It just might prevent your vehicle’s catalytic converter from being stolen on your tow car, truck, SUV or RV.

Replacing a catalytic converter can set you back about $2,300 or more. This is a very expense item, it might be covered under most insurance plans. However, it can take months to get the part. Who wants to be waiting for a part or stuck dealing with trying to get the vehicle back and forth to the repair shop.

The CatStrap

The CatStrap simply uses a high-temperature adhesive to stick to the pipe and the catalytic converter. Then you also secure it in several places to add further to it remaining in place. 

The idea is that the high-strength cables inside the mesh outer wrapper will dramatically slow down the thief trying to cut the pipe. Further, the bright label could act as a deterrent and the thief might move on seeing this. 

Class A and C motorhomes catalytic converter protection.

Installation and Price

The entire installation can be complete within 30-60 minutes, and with the cost of replacing a catalytic converter, is well worth the time and price of the CatStrap™. This doesn’t include the cost of the U-bolt exhaust clamps, we will need to determine the size needed once underneath the vehicle.

Motor Home – Price Varies $550.00 to $600.00 Without the Cateye Alarm.

Truck – Price Varies $350.00 to $400.00 Without the Cateye Alarm.

SUV/Car – Price Varies $275.00 to $350.00 Without the Cateye Alarm.

Why steal catalytic converters?

Easy Money for Thefts

It’s easy to steal a catalytic converter on many vehicles and even more so on motorhomes as well as large pickups and SUVs. Essentially, thieves simply slip under the vehicle with a skilsaw and cut the exhaust pipe on either side of the device. Then off they go with a haul of high-value materials to a place that will pay them for the metals or even the complete device itself.

What can you do about catalytic converter theft?

  1. Park in secure, well-lit areas. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.
  2. Install anti-theft products suck as a Catstrap.

After reading reviews, the cop show hosting this video chose the CatStrap. They discusses in detail why and demonstrates how to install this powerful catalytic converter protection device. The CatStrap runs along the exhaust as well as the catalytic converter. It’s also bright orange, so a thief cannot miss its presence.

Cutting Challenge

Basic Installation Video & Kit Info

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