Make RV diagnostics easy with the Sperry Wire Tracker

Every Wednesday we meet for a livestream called Talkin’ RV Tech. We not only answer technical questions, but we also share what we like to call “cool tools.” These are tools and gadgets that we actually use and we believe they will be helpful to you. This clip is from one of our latest videos where we discuss the Sperry Wire Tracker.

As mentioned in the video, should you need to complete some diagnostics on your RV, you are often met with a “spaghetti mess” of wires. There are often no labels or color codes to go by. A Sperry Wire Tracker is a tool designed to help you identify wires in a circuit by sending a signal down the wire and using a receiver to detect the signal. This can be a useful tool for RV diagnostics, especially when dealing with electrical issues.

To use a Sperry Wire Tracker for RV diagnostics, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Turn off all power to the RV. This means unplugging the RV from shore power and disconnecting the battery.
  2. Identify the wire or wires you want to trace.
  3. Connect the transmitter of the wire tracker to the wire you want to trace. This can usually be done by clipping the transmitter onto the wire or using a special connector.
  4. Use the receiver of the wire tracker to follow the wire. Move the receiver along the length of the wire, listening for the signal to get louder. This will indicate that you are getting closer to the wire.
  5. Once you have identified the wire, you can use the wire tracker to check for continuity or other issues in the wire. You can also use the wire tracker to trace other wires in the circuit.

Learn more or order your own Sperry Wire Tracker here.

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