Make sure this important part of your RV doesn’t come loose!

An RV owner in one of my Facebook groups wrote, “I noticed this separating. Can this be repaired or should I just apply caulking to it?”

Separation on side wall sealant to lower aluminum sheeting.

Routine inspection and maintenance are so very important when it comes to inspecting the exterior of the units. In this example, we had actually released a YouTube video advising owners about this same issue. The video looks at what a Z-Lock is on the side wall of the RV and how to check to see if it’s been secured properly.

This area is so important to make sure that it’s sealed correctly. The Z-Lock is typically installed with staples and the water gets past the top side of the Z-Lock. It can not only cause damage to the wall and floor, but it also causes rust on the staples and screws, which causes them to come loose, which will cause damage to the J metal or skirting.

Another RV owner that lost the sheeting in travel!

Most manufacturers have learned over time due to flexing and high winds that the skirting and aluminum will come loose in travel. Some manufacturers have started adding screws in the side walls of the Z-Lock to secure the molding and sheeting in place.

Check out the video below for more information and details. Thanks so much for watching! We hope this helps you to protect your unit and keeps everyone safe traveling behind you.

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