How to prevent your RV compartment doors from opening while traveling

Join me “In The RV Shop” as I talk about RV compartment doors opening while traveling. It’s crucial to address the problem promptly to ensure safety on the road as well as prevent damage to your belongings. Here are some warnings and considerations:

Increased wind resistance

If you notice increased wind resistance or noise while driving, it could indicate that one or more compartment doors are not securely closed on a motorhome. However, if you’re in a towable unit, this will go unnoticed. We keep seeing several outside kitchen doors coming open and getting damaged.

Rattling or unusual sounds

Unusual sounds such as rattling or banging may indicate that compartment doors are moving during travel on a motorized unit.

Visible gaps or movement

Check for visible gaps around compartment doors or observe any movement while driving. This can be an indication that latches or locks are not holding securely.

Missing items

If you find items missing from the compartments upon arrival at your destination, it’s a clear sign that doors have opened during travel.

Considerations and solutions

Inspect latches and locks

Regularly inspect the latches and locks on each compartment door. Ensure that they are in good condition, free from rust or corrosion, and functioning properly.

Double-check closure

Before hitting the road, double-check that all compartment doors are securely closed. Pay extra attention to doors and seals that may be more prone to opening, such as those exposed to wind or positioned on the side facing the wind.

Install aftermarket latches

Some RV owners opt to install aftermarket latches or locks like these for added security. Check with your local RV dealership or repair shop to ensure compatibility and proper installation.

Adjustment and maintenance

Periodically inspect and adjust hinges, catches, and any other components that may affect the secure closure of compartment doors. Regular maintenance can prevent issues from arising. You should also be applying a rubber treatment to all compartment door seals to help ensure the seals stay in good condition.

Weight distribution

Ensure that the weight inside compartments is evenly distributed to prevent imbalance and reduce the likelihood of doors opening due to movement.

Consult an RV repair shop

If the issue persists or if you’re unsure about the proper functioning of compartment doors, consult with a qualified RV service center. They can provide guidance and may identify any underlying issues. In some cases, it’s a design issue and additional measures can be added to protect your unit from opening in travel.

Secure valuables

Store valuable or fragile items in a secure location within the RV, such as in the living area, to minimize the risk of damage or loss in the event of a compartment door opening.

Remember, safety should be a top priority when addressing any issues related to RV travel. Regular maintenance, inspections, and proactive measures can significantly reduce the risk of compartment doors opening unexpectedly while on the road. As a reminder, please remember those behind you when towing. The last thing you want is to cause an accident or injury due to something flying out of or off the coach in travel.

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