The benefits of adding cargo racks to your RV

Join me in the RV shop as I explain more about how adding cargo racks to your RV can offer several benefits, including enhancing the functionality of your RV, its storage capacity, and the overall convenience of your RV by adding a RV bike rack or RV kayak rack.

Here are some advantages

Increased storage capacity

One of the primary benefits of adding cargo racks to your RV is the additional storage space it provides. This is valuable for carrying outdoor equipment, bulky items, or gear that might not fit inside the RV.

Convenient loading and unloading and easy access to cargo

Loading and unloading heavy or awkward items becomes more convenient with a sliding cargo rack like this one. The sliding mechanism brings the cargo closer to you, reducing the need to lift items high or reach deep into the storage compartment. The sliding feature allows you to easily access the cargo even when the RV is parked in a tight spot. You can slide out the rack to load or unload items without the need to crawl into the storage compartment.

Versatility for different items

They’re ideal for transporting various items such as bicycles, coolers, camping gear, or other outdoor equipment that may not easily fit inside the RV.

Improved organization

The additional cargo space allows for better organization of your belongings. You can designate specific items for the sliding rack, keeping the interior of the RV more organized and clutter-free.

Easy installation and removal

Many sliding cargo racks are designed for easy installation and removal. This means you can attach the rack when needed and remove it when not in use, providing flexibility based on your travel plans.

Towing compatibility

Some sliding cargo racks are designed to be compatible with towing setups, allowing you to carry extra cargo while towing a trailer or other recreational vehicles.

Enhanced exterior storage

Frees up interior storage space by providing an additional option for carrying items externally with an under-chassis cargo storage.

Accessibility during travel

Certain cargo racks are designed to be accessible even when the RV is in motion. This can be useful for items like kayaks, like this kayak rack made for RVs.

Tailgating and outdoor activities

Perfect for outdoor activities where you might need to carry grills, chairs, or other equipment. RV cargo racks make it easy to set up and access these items at your destination.

  • Cargo rack that can carry grills, tubs, chairs, firewood, or other equipment

Before adding a sliding cargo rack to your RV, ensure that it is compatible with the specific make and model of your RV. Additionally, consider the weight capacity of the rack and adhere to any installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer to ensure safe and secure use.

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