Where does water come in around RV slide outs and cause damage?

An RV owner in one of my Facebook groups asked, “Where is the water getting in on my slide out?”

No matter what manufacturer brand, make or model RV you have, all the slide outs, no matter the design, can leak at these flange moldings because of friction and movement. This is just one example of damage, so make sure you’re checking the roof, floors, and behind the couch and cabinets to ensure you don’t have damage.

The red arrows are all areas that can, and are, leaking. The yellow circle is where I would have added additional screws.


Remember you will not see water right away—it’s not a flood! It’s a slow leak that kills your unit…

Check for signs of stains on the carpet edges. This can be a sign of water damage.

Let’s see what’s discussed in this video that applies to every unit. This is a two-part video. Please see the other slide-out tips and maintenance videos we have made.

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