Repair Broken RV Refrigerator Vent Door Latch in Minutes

Join Dustin In The RV Shop at California RV Specialists, where I noticed a refrigerator vent door latch was broken on one of the RVs currently on our repair lot. This is the same latch that is used on Norcold or Dometic RV refrigerators. Join me In the video below, as I show you this very easy repair!

I recommend that you order an extra set of latches to have on hand. This will easily save you from losing your refrigerator vent door while in transit.


Here are the RV refrigerator vent door latches I use and recommend: RV Designer E377, Refrigerator / Converter Vent Latch, 2 Per Pack

Make sure you see your owner’s manual on refrigerator maintenance and visit your local dealership or repair shop. Travel safe!

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