RV Front cap removal and replacement from start to finish

This is a real unit, with a real problem, and it’s in our real shop. This series was created in hopes of helping you better understand your unit and how to best maintain it. This episode shows you how we removed and replaced a RV front cap—from start to finish!

Cost of front cap replacement

This clip can be deceiving as it reduced about 8 hours of work into a 4-minute video. The cost of a front cap replacement like this is somewhere in the neighborhood of $6,000. Of course, the cost varies depending on the size and where the cap is being shipped from. The cost is also dependent on what caused the front cap to be delaminated in the first place. After all, you will want to solve that problem, too.

Whether you own a million-dollar unit or you have an entry-level, my message to you will be the same: It needs to be maintained. Be sure to routinely inspect your roof and body sealants as well as your insert moldings. Keeping up on this maintenance can easily prevent a repair such as this!

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