How to identify your RV roof vent lid hinge style

Did you know there are 8 different vent lid styles, the main difference is how they hinge to the vent base. To better help yourself or your local repair shop, make sure you either remove the vent lid and bring in, or take a side and back view picture so its easier to match it up for you.


Selecting the Correct Hinge Style and Color

Many RV owners want to match their vent lids with items on the roof, examples the roof air conditioner cover.  Typically the roof vent lids come in black or white.  There are also some things to consider beside the appearance when purchasing your replacement vent lids.

Selecting the Material

What’s type of material is it made of?  Polypropylene or Polycarbonate

The Polycarbonate vent lid has a higher impact-resistant and states that its virtually unbreakable under normal use.  That includes a longer warranty, the lids are thicker and stronger that helps to extend the life.


The Polypropylene is your typical standard vent lid, very flexible and easier to damage due to less impact-resistance.

Here is a short video clip explaining what to look for when going shopping for your vent lid cover.

We how this information helped you to understand more about RV vent lids.


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