How often should your RV suspension be lubed?

Trailer Maintenance Reminder Tip

Wanted to share this as a reminder if you own a towable unit to check and see if you have wet bolts or grease zerks on your suspension.  If your unit is equipped you should be lubricating the zerk every 6 months or 6000 miles. Keep in mind that there is a total of 14 grease zerks, 7 on each side of a towable chassis with a MORryde CRE3000 system.

MORryde CRE3000
Damaged caused by not maintaining wet bolts and road conditions.
Example of not cleaning and lubricating shacks.

Keep in mind that there is a total of 16 grease zerks, 8 on each side of a towable chassis with a Dexter E-Z Flex system.

Example of a standard suspension system on top and a Dexter E-Z Flex on the bottom.

Bushing Installation Video.

Example of a nylon bushing above vs a bronze bushing below.
Examples of a standard shackle link and a thicker shackle link with wet bolts.

Typically, when a bolt won’t take grease, you can remedy the situation by jacking up the trailer by the frame which unloads the axle, springs and bushing. Then, it should take grease pretty easily. I have one bolt on my unit that I always need to grease with this method.

May have to rotate the position of the bolt until it would take grease. So, all of you with new trailers/5th wheels that come with the wet bolts, you should immediately try to grease up the wet bolts before your first trip. If a bolt doesn’t take grease, you can rotate the bolt by turning in the tightening direction.

Hopefully this gives you some basic understanding and a quick reminder to lube your towable suspension. 

Here is some related tools and products to help for DIY crew.

Grease Gun with Heavy Duty Pistol Grip and 18 inch flex hose.

All Purpose Grease, 2-Pack 14 Oz. Tubes.

Grease Gun Coupler locks onto Zerk fittings.

8-Piece Quick Connect Greasing Accessory Kit.

Grease Buster, Cleans and flushes out old dried grease from fittings, pins, shafts, bushings, and joints.

CRC BRAKLEEN Brake Parts Cleaner

Shop Towels Red Rages 50 Pack

– MORryde UO12-016 Heavy Duty Shackle Upgrade Kit, CRE3000 Tandem Axle

Heavy Duty Shackle Upgrade Kit for CRE3000, Stock and Equaflex 2.25″ Shackles