Protect your hardwood/vinyl flooring from your RV slide-out

A popular concern I receive at my RV repair shop is protecting hardwood or vinyl flooring when the RV slide-out extends or retracts. Whether your unit is brand-new or it’s several years old, floor damage can be disheartening because you are either left with an expensive repair or a battle wound that you learn to live with.

An easy way of protecting your hardwood or vinyl flooring from your slide-out would be to use Slide-Out Sleds made by AP Products. These sleds will prevent damage or scratching on your hardwood or vinyl flooring whenever you open and close your slide-out.

These sleds are made with durable PVC coating with a rubber foam backing to help prevent sleds from sliding out of place. They have eyelets on either end of both floor protectors that can be used for hanging when not in use. They measure 47″ long X 7″ wide X 1/2″ thick.

You’ll want to install a sled on either side of the RV slide-out. If you have a large slide and/or a slide with heavier objects inside, you may want to consider installing additional sleds to prevent additional areas where the slide may get hung up on.


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