RV Water Heater Maintenance

Let us help to ensure that your RV water heater service is being properly protected. California RV specialists recommends that your RV water heater be serviced at least once annually. Spiders, mud wasps, and other insects can build nests in the burner tube. This will cause poor combustion, delayed ignition or ignition outside combustion tube. Please see below for additional bullet points below.

  • Check over all operation of water heater on AC and DC power.
  • Clean the pilot, ignitor, and burner assembly.
  • Clean any nests, bugs, webs, and debris from the exterior service door.
  • Drain and flush water heater tank to remove any sulfur or bacteria in the tank.
  • Removal and inspection the condition of the anode rod. (Suburban Models Only)
  • Check operation and condition of the pop off valve and any occurrence of water weeping.
  • Check LP gas valve and line for any signs of leaks.

Additional part charges will apply for Atwood drain plugs or Suburban anode rod if needed during service.

Service Charge $200

How To Service Your Suburban RV Water Heater

General Maintenance Video

  • Suburban recommends the removal and inspection of your Anode Rod at least once annually.
  • The T&P Valve is a safety limit device that will open if water temperature reaches 210° F or to relieve pressure inside the tank should the pressure exceed 150 PSI.
  • Under normal use, sediment deposits will build up inside the water heater tank. The sediment and mineral deposits could lead to slower recovery time, less available hot water and higher energy consumption.
  • If you smell an odor similar to rotten eggs coming from the water system, it could be caused by a high level of sulfur or bacteria in the water reacting with the Anode Rod. To eliminate odor caused by bacteria watch Video
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