Here at our shop we install and replace air conditioners weekly. RV air conditioners are designed as sealed pinched systems and can not be recharged. However, with the proper maintenance we typically see roof top air conditioners last 10 years.

One of the major RV appliance manufactures is Dometic, Dometic offers AC units that will keep your RV cool and comfortable all summer long. Having cool air in your RV is almost a necessity when driving in warm climates. However, if you also plan on traveling to explore colder places then you don’t need to worry – Dometic also has RV air conditioners with heaters too!

Below is a snapshot of Images of the Dometic lineup.

Next up in is Coleman Mach Air Conditioners. Coleman Mach is a division of Airxcel.

Coming up for the New Year 2021 polished exterior shrouds on select models. Coleman offers medium profile, low profile and ultra low profile. Check out the Signature Series shown below.