Prevent buyer’s remorse: The importance of getting an RV buyer inspection

A Facebook group member recently shared their buyer’s remorse. They shared their experience purchasing a brand-new trailer in November 2022. Approximately 6-7 weeks later, the owner found that the undercarriage was significantly “rusted like the Titanic….” As they described, “Anything that can rust is rusted: screws, bolts, nuts, brackets, slides, springs, wheels, axles, etc.” This member stressed the importance of getting an RV buyer inspection prior to taking the unit into possession, whether it’s brand-new or used.

Seeking warranty coverage

Since finding the rusted undercarriage, the consumer has made attempts to seek a warranty through the RV manufacturer, the frame manufacturer and the selling dealership. In all cases, there was no warranty through any avenue for rust. As he described, “… as soon as the unit leaves their lot rust is not covered … because they know the issue; the same with the framework manufacturer.”

A few days after the original post, the consumer provided a new update. The RV manufacturer has now approved the dealer to have the axles and springs replaced with new ones. The dealer was also authorized to “address the rust.” However, the method and time allowed are currently unknown.


The importance of an RV buyer inspection

For many of my customers, purchasing an RV is the second largest purchase of their lifetime, outside their home. For many, it is their home. I hope this example serves as a reminder that getting a purchase of this magnitude thoroughly inspected can save you from some serious buyer’s remorse.

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