Easy under-the-sink vent replacement eliminates RV bathroom odors

Let’s face it. Nobody wants their RV bathroom to be known as the source of mysterious RV odors. Have you ever wondered what this black thing was under the sink?

Manufacturers install these basic in line vents in the RV’s bathroom. Your vent could be stuck open or failed. The replacement or upgrade installation process is surprisingly straightforward. Even if you’re not a seasoned DIY enthusiast, you can handle it with ease. Once it’s in place, the vent works silently and efficiently to prevent those unwanted odors from escaping into your bathroom.


A better option for RV odors: Tuuber® vents

Tuuber® Vent is a better design option that creates a one-way path for air, allowing your plumbing system to vent effectively without letting any funky RV odors seep into your bathroom. Say goodbye to those awkward moments when guests use your RV bathroom and come out looking like they’ve just survived a toxic waste dump.

  • Dual Sealing protection against sewer gas and odors from escaping.
  • Dual Sealing produces a central barrier superior seal to lock out sewer gas and odors after each operation.
  • Dual Sealing can automatically adapt to pressure conditions to stop sewer gas and odors from escaping.

Hope this info helps you better understand what’s under the sink and gives you other options for repairs or upgrades.

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