RV Gadget: Water Bandit

By Dustin and Ashley Simpson, California RV Specialists
Camco’s Water Bandit is one of the handiest RVing accessories you can buy. Why? Well, there are few things more annoying than trying to screw a hose onto a water spigot that’s dirty or has broken or missing threads.

It eliminates headaches from broken spigots and helps stop leaking hose connections.

You can also attach your hose to water sources you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. The Water Bandit™ can attach to broken spigots, other hoses that are damaged, spigots with stripped threads, and more.


It fits any standard size spigot and acts like a rubber quick-connect for your water hoses.

It’s also useful for attaching to faucets. This device can help you fill your fresh water tank from places that might have been off-limits before, like sinks (if you have a long enough hose).

I’ve even used my Water Bandit for connecting to a short hose from the sink when I want to rinse out the toilet. This has saved me from dragging a long dirty hose in from outside into the bathroom.

You can find a Water Bandit at the California RV Specialists website here, or on Amazon here.

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